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Страна: China
Почтовый адрес: fuhua road, shenzhen
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we are your direct source of Hi Quality components and best sources for electronic components direct from China. Our staff has over 10 years of experience with the best manufactureres of Cermet Trimming Potentiometer, Capacitors, LEDs, Resistors, Transformers, Switches, Fuse, ZINC OXIDE VARISTORS, Ics and PCB. Most of our products are lead free now .We make it easy to get the products you need. When you need them all at competitive prices and high quality with speedy delivery in 1--10 days. We can arrange for samples, manage bank transfers, and arrange fast and safe shipping. All it takes is an email and we will go to work for you! hope to cooperate with you! Thanks for your visiting our website!


capacitors, Trimming Potentiometer, LEDs, Varistors, Resistors,Transformers, Switches, Fuse, PCB, Tantalum Capacitors ,Ceramic capacitors. mono capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors

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