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Поставщик: BILCO Tools, Inc.
Дата: 15 ноября 2001 г.
Группа: Оборудование для сбора и подготовки нефти и газа
Bilco's Hydrostatic and Inert Gas Pressure Testing services will internally pressure test your production tubing and accessories for a leak-free completion.
Bilco's lightweight, compact, self-contained unit features a 20,000 PSI working pressure rating with 46,000 PSI burst-rated hoses for maximum safety at any working pressure. The integrated console allows a single-technician operation of the system. Test bars are rubber and plastic coated to provide a non-marking system for CRA or internally coated tubulars.

Testing can be accomplished with H2O above or below the rotary. Nitrogen/Helium testing is provided with gas sniffer equipment to quickly detect a leaking connection above the rotary.
Test pressures can be documented by a pressure recorder or by computer monitoring with "B.A.M." computers to provide a pressure vs time graph for each connection.

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