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Nonwoven materials for cable industry

Поставщик: KOMITEX JSC
Дата: 23 октября 2001 г.
Группа: Установки цементосмесительные
Nonwoven materials and tapes of various width, produced by KOMITEX JSC, are widely used in:
- power cables;
- communication cables;
- cables for submersible drive pumps and other cable production.

Nonwoven materials and tapes for cable industry have the following properties:

- good absorbency, but low moisture absorption;
- high durability;
- low dielectric losses;
- high degree of stability to long temperature fluctuations;
- absolute cleanliness.

Nonwoven materials and tapes for cable industry meet the technological and operational requirements showed to cable production.

Nonwoven materials and tapes for cable industry:

- approved and recommended to use by VNIIKP;
- included in the specifications and technical documentation on cable products;
- have Hygienic certificates;
- have a Sanitary-and-epidemiologic certificate.

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