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PTFE rexin

Поставщик: shandong dongyue chemical co., ltd.
Дата: 22 июля 2003 г.
Группа: Силовые и преобразовательные трансформаторы
1. Molding powder(110-180um) PTFE-SM031:
It is suitable for mould pressing process and making rod, sheet, pipe, film and washer materials.
2. Molding powder(20-40um) PTFE-SM021:
It is suitable for making insulating film for windings, thin wall products, precise parts for turning and all kinds of packing products.
3. Fine powder PTFE-DE241:
It is suitable for plaster extrusion for making small-diameter, thin wall pipe, lead and cable, raw material tape, porous sealing material, etc?
4. pre-sintered PTFE
We will start doing FREE FLOW material/ MICRONIZED material (2-5um) this month, the plant have ready now, the above three kind of material will be the first class in the world, because the equipment and technical and engineers are all from the topPest European company.
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