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F46 tape

Марка: #6251
Поставщик: Tianjin Fortune Int'l Industry & Trade Co., Ltd
Дата: 28 июня 2005 г.
Группа: Вышки
Scope of Application: This product is made From Polyimide film painted with F46 adhesive on
single surface or double surfaces and cut after drying, this tape applies to insulation material
for electrical wire winding, which is molded through melting at the temperature of 350 -380?C for half an hour
1. Appearance: the adhesive tape is clean and smooth, without air bubble and impurities
2. Size
1). Length: the length of a reel of adhesive tape is not less than 300m, the number of section is not more than 4 sections, minimum length of them is not less than 10m
2). Width: the width and its allowance of the adhesive tape is 10?0.5 mm, 15?0.5mm, 20?1 mm, 25?1 mm.
3). Thickness: nominal thickness and allowance of the adhesive tape: we can supply tapes
with different thickness according to requirement of customers, their allowance is?0.006mm or supply according to the requirement of custormer.
Технические характеристики:
Tensile strength not less than: 7.8X10^7 PA
Elongation at break not less than: 30%
Stripping force not less than: 4.0 N/25 mm
Breakdown strength not less than: 90 MV/m
Surface resistivity not less than: 1.0X10^12
Diecoefficient 50Hz: 2-3
Tangent of Dielectric loss angle 50 Hz not more than: 0.01

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