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Регистрация: 14 May 2008 
Обновление от: 14 May 2008 
Почтовый адрес: 156/3, office 1000, Parkhomenko str. Ufa, 450006, Russia
Телефон: (347) 292-64-21
Факс: (347) 279-92-63
Электронный адрес:


Public “USPC” operates on the Russian market of the fuel and power-engineering complex, in the regions of Bashcortostan, Tatarstan, Western Siberia and cooperates with the enterprises of oil and gas extraction industries as well as pipeline transportation.

The main lines of activities of “USPC” are the following:

Production of pumps of series: ЦНС 180 ÷ 240 – 1050…2050

(pumps of series ЦНС 300-320 with the range of pressure from 1050 to 2050 metres can be produced at the customer’s will)

General overhaul and updating of pumping units

Range of works relating to warranty and after-warranty service: assembly, starting maintenance, servicing

Delivery of spare parts and completing units

Advanced developments of pumps and other products

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