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Low Cost Lightweight Ceramic Proppant

Поставщик: Carbo Ceramics
Дата: 23 August 2001 
Группа: Установки массоизмерительные для малодебитных скважин
CARBO Ceramics produces spherical ceramic granules used in the hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells. Pumped into the fractures at high pressure the ceramic proppants "prop" open the fracture and create a conduit through which the oil and gas easily flow, increasing production from the well. Read on to find the right CARBO proppant product for your oil and gas field application.

Low Cost Lightweight Ceramic Proppant
Most widely used ceramic proppant aimed at the largest well population

Bulk density and specific gravity similar to frac sand

High conductivity, making it more cost effective than resin sands

Chemically inert, will not react with fracturing fluid crosslinkers and breakers

Meets API recommended specifications for an intermediate strength proppant

Available in two standard sizes: 20/40 and 30/50

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