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Screen Printing Mesh

Марка: Haixing
Поставщик: Haixing Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.
Дата: 07 November 2005 
Группа: Оборудование систем управления нагнетанием
Haixing Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of polyester screen mesh.
Polyamide Fabric, Polyester Fabric and Monofilament Polyester Fabric are the most advanced high-tech fabric products in 1990s for screen printing. With imported high quality material, we produce superior quality polyester and polyamide fabric for screening printing.
Mesh Size: from 60 mesh to 480 mesh
Max. Width: 3200mm. The width may vary according to the requirements of customers.
We may also take orders to produce screening mesh with other special requirements.
Application: our screen-printing fabric with precise opening, flat appearance, standard mesh and precise filtration value. Widely used in printing and press of electricity, textiles, ceramics, also melt filtration in aerospace, airspace,petroleum chemical and ot her high-new-tech fields.
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