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Magnetic Sputtering Coating Machine for Architectural Glass

Марка: Zhonghuan
Поставщик: Guangdong Zhonghuan Vacuum Equipment Co.
Дата: 07 November 2016 
Группа: Кислотовозы
Work principle: This machine can produce reflective and lower irradiant architectural glass. On the principle of sputtering with magnetic control, some film is coated on the surface of large plate glass such as single metal film, alloyed film, metal compound film. The coated glass has function or effect of sunlight prevention, heating preservation, energy saving and decoration.
By changing technology and coating materials, the machine can make glass of any color such as silver, dark brown, sapphire, gilded, etc. It can also produce the imitation of ancient copper glass and of golden glass.
Its capacity as below:
First, 3 or 6 magnetic controlling sources can be installed in the machine so as to meet the technical requirement.
Second, multi-films coating can be achieved simultaneously. Just the glass goes through the machine from input to output and the whole work has been done.
Third, it is equipped with magnetic-controlled power source, gas flow and speed, guaranteeing the uniformity and consistence of coating quality.
Fourth, with multi-color coating system in it, it ensures the property of coating film with evenness, strong adhesion, high hardness as well as fine corrosion resistance.
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FOB Shenzhen

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