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Elastic jaw couplings of 1УКМ type

Дата: 17 November 2016 
The couplings are designed for transmitting the torque in rotor machines over the power range from 95 to 7700 kW. The expected consumers are enterprises of power-engineering, metallurgy, oil, oil and gas extraction, chemical, farming and other industries.
The principle of jaw coupling operation relies on the transmission of the torque from the drive to the actuating mechanism through the toothing elements of a “projection-depression” type, between which there are elastic V-plates, compensating for radial, angular and axial errors of the pump rotors assembling that are susceptible to static and dynamic loads.
Couplings of a 1 УКМ type have the advantage of a compound version of the pump half-coupling consisting of the axially moving disk mounted on the hub, that allows other elastic elements to be replaced without disassembling the unit, the transmission of the torque in this case being realized with the help of the splined joint.

Given couplings provide:

high compensating characteristics that reduce loads on the bearing seats and rotor parts;
effective assembly-disassembly;
minimal axial loads, transmitted to the rotor of the power-operated machine (pump) when the engine rotor operates in the magnetic field;
higher operating life without technical servicing;
higher technological effectiveness and maintainability;
minimal mass-overall dimension characteristics.

The expected operating life of elastic elements is 12000 hours. The operating service life of the couplings is not less than 50000 hours.
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