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Elastic petal-type coupling МЛ 900

Дата: 17 November 2016 
Coupling МЛ 900 is designed for transmitting the torque in the pump unit СЭ 5000 – 160 -8.
Coupling МЛ 900 is supposed to be used instead of the serial production toothed couplings with the aim to increase reliability, operational characteristics, maintainability. The expected consumers are enterprises of power-engineering, metallurgy, oil, oil and gas extraction, chemical, farming and other industries.
In contrast to toothed couplings the transmission of the torque in the elastic coupling of МЛ type is achieved by the packages of elastic elements (petals), fixed symmetrically along the circumference on the driving and driven half-couplings, that are separated in between by the packing. In addition to the transmission of the torque, the packages of elastic petals compensate for misalignment (up to 0,25 mm) and angular misalignment (up 0,5°) of the unit shafts through their own elastic deformation that also positively effects the vibrating and damping properties of the coupling.

Compared to toothed couplings, coupling МЛ 900 provides the following basic advantages:
high compensating characteristics that reduce loads on the bearing seats and rotor parts;
minimal axial loads, transmitted to the rotor of the power-operated machine (pump) when the engine rotor operates in the magnetic field;
practically unlimited operating life without technical servicing and lubrication due to the absence of wearable elements that generate loads during the operation of the coupling;
higher technological effectiveness in manufacturing and maintainability under working conditions.
Given the coupling МЛ 900 possesses proven reliability indices, it may have a high consumer demand with the operational and maintenance personnel of steam electric stations since toothed couplings are not sufficiently reliable and maintainable.
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