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News // Asia

China's Oil Demand is 350 mln Tons

China will use up to 350 million tons of oil this year
03 July 2007 , 10:195840

China to Process More Acidic Crude

China will process more acidic crude as the difficult-to-refine oil accounts for most of its new domestic and equity output
08 June 2007 , 13:134020

India Trade Deficit Doubled Due to Expensive Oil

The trade deficit widened to 7.06 billion dollars in April 2007 from 3.94 billion dollars in April 2006
06 June 2007 , 15:115500

Indonesia Offers LNG to Japan and South Korea

Indonesia is offering liquefied natural gas supplies to Japan and South Korea
04 June 2007 , 10:2211530

South Korea to Develop Huge Oil Field in Russian Kamchatka

A South Korean energy development consortium said Thursday that it has found a potentially huge offshore oil deposit
01 June 2007 , 11:327400

Chinese Group Buys Gas From Australia, Saudi and Philippines

The Ministry of Commerce granted approval in June to Xinao Energy Trading Co Ltd, a unit of China Xinao Group
24 May 2007 , 09:055530

Energy City To Be Built in Mumbai

Energy City will be built over 600 acres in Navi Mumbai
22 May 2007 , 09:126240

China Makes First Crude Fill to Strategic Storage

China will make its first crude fill into its second strategic oil storage facility
17 May 2007 , 10:066020

Gazprom's Oil Unit Net Profit Fell

Gazprom Neft, the oil unit of Russian gas monopoly Gazprom, reported its net profit fall
07 May 2007 , 13:195350

CNOOC Completed Construction of Oil Storage Unit Hull

The unit will be used to store crude oil that is pumped from offshore oil wells before it is transferred to oil tankers and brought ashore
03 May 2007 , 13:026680

Sinopec Hires More Oil Tankers than World's Biggest Oil Company

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. may hire more supertankers than Exxon Mobil Corp. this year
28 April 2007 , 13:416460

CNOOC Increased Oil and Gas Output

China National Offshore Oil Corp said on Thursday that its daily output of oil and gas increased by 5.1 percent
28 April 2007 , 12:545360

Malaysia Produces More and More Oil

A strong supply growth would prevail in the short term, analysts said
27 April 2007 , 13:465430

Pakistan Gas Prices To Rise

Pakistan is set to remove a government cap on natural gas prices that has deterred potential investment
13 April 2007 , 09:445550

Sinopec's Net Profit Surged By One Third

Sinopec's strong performance was boosted by a one-off subsidy of 5.0 billion yuan from the central government last year
10 April 2007 , 10:404380

China Oil and Gas Industry Too Much Invested

China's oil and gas industries are seeing too much investment which is pressuring resources, said Li Yongwu
02 April 2007 , 11:125670

India to Go Ahead With Gas Pipeline

India's Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said Monday that India intends to construct a multi-billion-dollar gas pipeline
26 March 2007 , 13:536260

Chinese Top Oil Companies

China's top oil producing and offshore oil companies released reports about their major discoveries
20 March 2007 , 10:075990

India's Reliance To Built Gas Pipeline, Signed $4.5 bn Gas Contracts

India's biggest company Reliance Industries Ltd said it has signed contracts worth $4.5 billion
19 March 2007 , 12:526690

China May Build 5th Strategig Reserve

China may build a fifth strategic oil reserve in Lanzhou in the northwestern province of Gansu to store crude from Kazakhstan
15 March 2007 , 13:476350