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News // Autos

Gold Continues To Rise

Gold rose for a second day in London on speculation jewelers
16 November 2006 , 15:027490

Russia Made Gazprom Monopoly

The European Union has called for greater access to Russia's gas pipeline network
07 July 2006 , 11:4610730

TNK-BP to Invest in Russia

Browne said the money would be invested in the expansion of BP's oil and gas production in Russia
02 June 2006 , 10:418450

Gazprom Decided Raise Gas Price for Ukraine At Last

A top manager of the Russian natural gas monopoly Gazprom
21 April 2006 , 13:0110060

Unique Down Hole Technologies Company To Be Bought By Halliburton

Halliburton's Energy Services Group has signed an agreement to purchase a Norwegian company
21 October 2005 , 09:4711380

Gazprom's Sibneft Acquisition Gives More Power To Kremlin

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom has approved its $13.1bn takeover of the fifth largest Russian oil firm
20 October 2005 , 10:4910100

Russia's Car Industry Will Be Upgraded

International car giants will invest $2 billion in Russia's auto industry
08 September 2005 , 09:007830

New Russian Budget: 40% Oil Revenues More

The Russian Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft budget for 2006.
19 August 2005 , 11:4310050

CNOOC Steps Back»

According to Thursday's foreign media reports, the CNOOC is considering...
29 July 2005 , 12:0710740

Shell Profits Suffered Decline

Shell Australia suffered a 28 per cent decline in profit
14 June 2005 , 11:228590

Japan Cars Meet Demand

Japanese carmakers Toyota Motor Corp, Nissan Motor Co and Honda Motor Co, said they made more..
25 February 2005 , 11:329970

Volkswagen Spends Millions On Models Of Future

The German automaker Volkswagen is likely to invest millions of euros over the next few years in its factory in Forest
17 February 2005 , 09:348670

Morgan Stanley Upgraded Norilsk Nickel

Investment banking giant Morgan Stanley upgrades Russia's biggest gold producer
15 December 2004 , 08:5010030

Voracious Russian Tax Ministry Invented Mext Fine For Yukos

Russian government again demanded from oil company Yukos...
08 December 2004 , 08:388850

Luxury Cars Are Obtainable!

Three global automakers paced a 7.5 per cent gain due to crazy demand for new luxury models
02 December 2004 , 09:519470

Exxtra Cars by ExxonMobil Chemical

This product offers excellent UV stability for the life of the car
07 October 2004 , 09:1513800

«Saving Green on Gasoline» Keeps Cash in Pockets

There are ways to save significant money on getting back and forth to work
10 September 2004 , 15:548650

Car Sale To Fall As Gas Prices To Rise

U.S. car sales fall as gas price rose
02 September 2004 , 12:559660

Car Production Dips In July

The number of cars made in the UK fell 3.8% in July on the same time last year
25 August 2004 , 16:467470

Tatneft Auditor Finds 'Unusual Transactions'

Shares in Tatneft fell 5.6 percent Friday
05 July 2004 , 10:507800