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News // Autos

Toyota Plans New Plant In India

Toyota Motor Corp. intends to build a second factory and to sell new models in India...
11 August 2003 , 10:124490

Aston Martin Strike

At two Aston Martin plants, over 400 workers are considering going on strike.
08 August 2003 , 11:114540

Toyota Increased Environmental Protection

Toyota Motor Corp announced on Wednesday that it increased spending on environmental protection measures...
07 August 2003 , 10:254700

Nissan To Release New Model

Nissan Motor Co. announced on Tuesday that later this month, it will bring a new model to the market.
06 August 2003 , 10:124670

Nissan's Head The Ideal Business Leader

According to a survey by a non-governmental organization, Carlos Ghosn, the head of Nissan Motor Co...
05 August 2003 , 10:384800

Nissan And Renault Develop New Motors

Nissan Motor Co. from Japan and the French Renault SA reported that they intend to jointly develop...
04 August 2003 , 10:125730

New Toyota Minivan

Toyota Motor Corp announced on Wednesday that it has released a gasoline-electric hybrid version...
01 August 2003 , 10:385010

The Old Beetle Is Dead

On Wednesday, the last old-style Volkswagen Beetle was produces...
31 July 2003 , 10:385480

Honda With Lower Net Profit

Honda Motor Co. announced on Tuesday that its net profit for the April-June period decreased by 5.4 percent...
30 July 2003 , 09:465370

Japanese Carmaker Rise Exports

Four of Japans five biggest automakers could increase their oversea production and exports in June.
29 July 2003 , 10:564420

Nissan Interested In Korean Market

Nissan Motor Co, which is part of the Renault group of France, intends to sell...
28 July 2003 , 10:385840

Mitsubishi Motors To Announce Loss

Mitsubishi Motors Corp reported on Thursday that it forecasts a group pretax and net loss...
25 July 2003 , 10:383900

Honda To Cooperate With China

Honda Motor Co confirmed on Wednesday that the company is currently engaging...
24 July 2003 , 10:564220

Toyota Optimistic For 2003

Toyota Motor Corp. announced on Tuesday it has raised its worldwide sales...
23 July 2003 , 10:255050

Volkswagen To Shed Brazilian Workers

Due to weak sales in Brazil and other key export markets, Volkswagen, the German car producer...
22 July 2003 , 11:585020

Job Threat At Ford

The new plan of Ford threatens more jobs as the car marker intends to cut costs...
21 July 2003 , 10:254480

Nissan Calls Back Minivans

Nissan Motor Co reported on Thursday that it will call back its popular Elgrand minivan...
18 July 2003 , 09:243740

New Capital For Nissan

Nissan Motor Co. announced on Tuesday that it will float 70 billion yen...
16 July 2003 , 11:114450

New Funds For Nissan

Nissan Motor Co. issued a seven year bond over 70 billion yen...
15 July 2003 , 11:374580

VW With Dropping Sales In Russia

Volkswagen, the German car manufacturer, sold 3444 cars in Russia in the first half of the year...
14 July 2003 , 11:374900