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Brent — 61,61 +0,39%
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Brazil Withdraws One Block from 4th E&P Round

Brazil's National Petroleum Agency, ANP, said that it had to withdraw one block from next June's oil and gas exploration and production licensing round due to legal problems.
03 December 2001 , 08:114790

PG&E Seeks FERC Approval of Operations Transfer

Pacific Gas and Electric has asked the FERC for permission to transfer its power plants and transmission systems to three newly created, federally controlled companies.
03 December 2001 , 07:594590

Enron Board of Directors' Side Deals Questioned

The Board of Directors of Enron had lucrative side deals with the company that is drawing criticism from corporate governance experts.
03 December 2001 , 07:344210

The Final Budget

The budget for the next year is accepted by the State Duma on Friday in the third reading
03 December 2001 , 07:043360

Natural Gas Futures Rally on Technical Rebound as Cash Tumbles

Natural gas futures for January delivery on the NYMEX jumped $0.14 higher Friday to $2.701 per MMBtu on ahead-of-weekend technical short-covering.
03 December 2001 , 07:013440

Mazeikiu Nafta Posts Ten Months Results

According to preliminary calculations, based on U. S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), Mazeikiu Nafta's losses for October were 13 million Litas.
30 November 2001 , 13:393980

Moldovian Duties

Russia and Moldova have signed the intergovernmental agreement
30 November 2001 , 12:446750

CNOOC and CPC Form Exploration JV

CNOOC and Taiwan's Chinese Petroleum Corp (CPC) plan to sign the first contract to explore jointly for oil in the Taiwan Strait in January.
30 November 2001 , 12:165530

Dana Petroleum and Conoco Swap Assets

Dana Petroleum has entered into an agreement with Conoco (U.K.) Limited and its affiliates to acquire, effective October 1, 2001, a portfolio of North Sea interests (the 'Conoco Assets') with proven
30 November 2001 , 11:536650

Sibneft Postpones Eurobond Issue

Sibneft has postponed a planned Eurobond issue, pending an improvement in market conditions.
30 November 2001 , 11:213880

Enron's Board Blamed for Downfall

Corporate governance experts say that a large part of the responsibility for Enron's meltdown lays with its board of directors.
30 November 2001 , 10:463810

ABB and Enron Wind Consider Russian Windpower Project

Enron Wind may build Russia's first big wind farm with
29 November 2001 , 08:543720

Amerada Hess Capital Expenditures to Drop Next Year

Amerada Hess expects capital expenditures to be cut by about 50%
29 November 2001 , 08:234680

Natural Gas Futures Tumble on Bearish AGA Report

Natural gas for December delivery on the NYMEX sank sharply lower
29 November 2001 , 07:034160

Putin on Bush's Ranch

On Wednesday afternoon Putin has arrived to Bush
16 November 2001 , 04:173630

Oil Prices have Fallen

The prices for petroleum marked Brent have fallen below a mark of 19 dollars
15 November 2001 , 05:043860

Wyoming methane producers hurting because of pipeline capacity

Constrained pipeline capacity leads to producers underbidding and competing with one another...
14 November 2001 , 09:183700

Growing Popularity of Online Auctions

The convenience of conducting business online has not escaped Dave Dean...
14 November 2001 , 08:235940

Zangene to visit Russia

Iranian Minister of petroleum Bizhan Namdan Zangene will visit Moscow...
14 November 2001 , 07:454450

ENI is waiting for the first extracted oil

ENI Co expects to extract the first portion of oil in Kashagan at the end of 2005.
14 November 2001 , 07:214360