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Will the russian Turkish stream be launched, or an apology to Erdogan is not enough?

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News // Ecology

U.S. Roll Back Clean Air Rules

The Bush administration will allow old coal-fired power plants and oil refineries to emit more air pollution.
25 August 2003 , 11:495690

Pakistan Faces Oil Disaster

Yesterday, operations to drain crude oil from a stranded tanker offshore Pakistan continued...
18 August 2003 , 10:124940

Oil Tanker Accident Threatens Coast

After an accident of a Greek oil tanker near Pakistan, the whole coastline is threatened with environmental disaster.
15 August 2003 , 08:154360

Shell To Supply Olympia Diesel

Shell will supply its ultra clean diesel, produced in Malaysia, for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.
12 August 2003 , 10:125330

Oil Accident In China

On 5 August, a fuel tanker, operated by the China Shipping Group, was rammed by an unidentified boat which caused a leak...
07 August 2003 , 09:466460

Oil Leak Off Karachi

A tanker from the United Arab Emirates should help lifting crude oil which ran aground from a Greek oil tanker...
31 July 2003 , 10:035330

Lukoil Is Facing Protests Over Oil Project

Lukoils plan for on oil extraction project in the Baltic Sea...
16 July 2003 , 12:335600

Statoil With Environmental Friendly Oil Technology

Statoil from Norway reported that the Heidrun Field in the North Sea...
15 July 2003 , 10:256120

Objections To Chevron?s Gas Project in Australia

Australian environmental agencies have brought up objections against Chevron...
03 July 2003 , 09:244980

EU To Measure Pollution

The EU developed a system which is able to for the first time to measure...
30 June 2003 , 10:154750

Shell To Open Hydrogen Station In Japan

Shell launched the first Japanese liquid hydrogen refueling station...
20 June 2003 , 09:465030

EU To Boost Hydrogen

An expert group advised the European Union to launch a Europe...
17 June 2003 , 09:025490

Robots To Capture Prestige Oil

Repsol YPF, the Spanish oil company is to clean the wreck...
09 June 2003 , 09:466050

GM To Test New Fuel Cells

General Motors Corp is to test and supply a fuel cell system to power...
08 May 2003 , 07:425300

Increased Oil Transport Along Norway?s Coast

50 Russian oil tankers were expected to pass along the Norwegian coast...
06 May 2003 , 09:094350

U.S. Engery Department Urges For Cooperation

Spencer Abraham, the U.S. Energy Secretary...
29 April 2003 , 09:404730

Canada?s Gas Emissions Are Declining

For the first time in a decade, greenhouse gas emissions...
23 April 2003 , 10:155240

Statoil To Recover Oil From Prestige

Repsol counts on the advisory of...
23 April 2003 , 08:415900

PDVSA To Control Colombian Oil Spill

Petroleos de Venezuela has mobilized 380 workers to control an oil spill...
22 April 2003 , 09:454240

Russia Vs Ecological Community

Russia does not see any economic benefit from the Kyoto Protocol and is not going...
22 April 2003 , 08:396020