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News // Economy

Minimizing reliance on petrodollars, Iran strategy: Zangeneh

The macroeconomic policy of the country is to reduce the dependence of the budget on oil revenues.

28 December 2018 , 14:15Neftegaz.RU4290

Iranian budget bill sees $5.71 billion less oil revenues

The predicted income from sales of crude oil and oil byproducts in the upcoming Iranian year has decreased.

24 December 2018 , 17:22Neftegaz.RU7410

Belarus losses in wake of Russian tax maneuver projected at $383 million in 2019

Belarus' losses in the wake of the tax maneuver in Russia in 2019 will amount to $383 million, Belarus Vice Premier Igor Lyashenko said.

21 December 2018 , 12:06Neftegaz.RU4100

World Bank: Russia can withstand oil price volatility in 2019

Russia is well-positioned to withstand external shocks.

06 December 2018 , 12:07Julianne GeigerNeftegaz.RU5120

Crude oil prices «just fine» around $70 per barrel, Putin says

Vladimir Putin said that $70 per barrel is a reasonable price.

16 November 2018 , 12:08Neftegaz.RU6320

Gazprom leads capex across oil and gas value chain in the FSU

Gazprom, Rosneft and Novatek are the top spenders among all oil and gas companies in the Former Soviet Union (FSU).

08 November 2018 , 10:10Neftegaz.RU5040

Kazakhstan’s economy dependence on oil has declined, says Economy Minister

Timur Suleimenov revealed to what extent the dependence of Kazakhstan's economy on oil.

01 November 2018 , 14:06Neftegaz.RU4920

Gazprom Export to be 1st among Gazprom's subsidiaries to join tax monitoring regime

 A working meeting between Alexey Miller and Mikhail Mishustin took place in Moscow.

18 October 2018 , 12:07Neftegaz.RU63850

7 EU Central Banks to Cooperate with Iran in Sanctions Era

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced that so far, the central banks of seven European Union member states have agreed to create a special mechanism to facilitate financial transactions with the Islamic Republic during the era of US sanctions.

02 October 2018 , 15:57Neftegaz.RU3970

Russian oil firms strong enough to withstand $15 billion extra taxes

Russian oil companies currently generate a lot of cash, so they will be able to shoulder a cumulative $14.75 bln in extra taxes.

04 September 2018 , 16:07Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU6180

Iran and Iraq dump dollar in bilateral trade

Iran and Iraq dumped dollar for rial, dinar and euro in their mutual financial transactions.

03 September 2018 , 10:21Neftegaz.RU6490

Agreement on compensations for Belarus after Russian oil industry taxation adjustments

Minsk and Moscow have agreed to work out compensating mechanisms for the Belarusian economy.

28 August 2018 , 12:10Neftegaz.RU5940

Russian oil industry taxation adjustments to cost Belarus Br600m in 2019

Taxation adjustments in the Russian oil industry will cost Belarus' state budget Br600 million in lost revenues in 2019.

13 August 2018 , 10:20Neftegaz.RU7050

Volatile world means volatile oil prices, Russia's energy minister says

Volatile crude oil prices reflect a volatile geopolitical climate as well as concerns about global trade tensions.

17 July 2018 , 12:10Daniel J. GraeberNeftegaz.RU5430

Russia's trade surplus jumps 42.6 % in 1st 5 months

Russia's trade surplus surged 42.6 % year-on-year to $81.4 billion U.S. dollars.

10 July 2018 , 10:11Neftegaz.RU6170

No time to relax on the economy, Russia says

«I would like to note that in the 1st 5 months of this year the macro-economic situation has been generally stable,» Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a Kremlin meeting. «Positive trends are being posted in key areas.»

09 July 2018 , 00:05Daniel J. GraeberNeftegaz.RU5400

Russian Central Bank leaves rates in place

The economic risk from the volatility in crude oil prices is only moderate, the Central Bank of Russia said on June 15 after leaving its key lending rate unchanged.

18 June 2018 , 00:02Daniel J. GraeberNeftegaz.RU4590

Feature: Russia nears finalizing oil tax reform by mid-2020s

After years of discussion, Russian authorities seem close to starting new oil tax reform as soon as next year that will gradually eliminate state support to refining by abolishing the export duty by 2024, in a move widely seen as hampering companies with heavy refining exposure.

11 June 2018 , 00:03Nastia AstrasheuskaNeftegaz.RU5740

Moscow and oil companies agree on oil export duty phase-out

The Russian energy and finance ministries agreed with oil companies to start cutting the export duty on crude gradually.

08 June 2018 , 14:06Irina SlavNeftegaz.RU6230

Russia may revisit inflation targets

The Russian Central Bank official said it may revisit its inflationary targets for the year next month.

22 May 2018 , 14:07Daniel J. GraeberNeftegaz.RU6320