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News // Incidental

Environmental Group Investigate Sour Gas Pipeline

The day before the second blast in a week rattled a sour gas pipeline near Dawson Creek, a Vancouver-based environmental group wrote to provincial Energy Minister Richard Neufeld to complain about government foot-dragging
20 October 2008 , 10:15Jo Amey11550

34 Evacuated from Oil Rig in North Sea

Thirty-four people were evacuated from an oil rig in the North Sea after a fire broke out late yesterday
20 October 2008 , 09:00Jo Amey7300

Kidnap of Nine Chinese Oil Workers in Sudan

Nine Chinese oil workers have been kidnapped in southwestern Sudan, the third such incident in the past year in the oil-rich region
20 October 2008 , 08:30Jo Amey9730

EnCana Pipeline Attacked by Second Blast

EnCana Corp experienced a second explosion in less than a week its natural gas pipeline system on the border between British Columbia and Alberta
17 October 2008 , 10:35Jo Amey10120

Nigerian Navy Vessels Attacked by Gunmen

Nigerian navy vessels guarding the country's main crude oil and liquefied natural gas export terminals were attacked by Gunmen in speedboats on Wednesday
16 October 2008 , 12:18Jo Amey7230

Earthquake Kills and Injures Goldmine Workers in South Africa

A small earthquake hit a South African gold mine causing the death of one mine worker and injuring nine others, leaving another man trapped below the surface
16 October 2008 , 11:10Jo Amey6950

Explosion Treated as "A Serious Criminal Act"

"A serious criminal act", is being investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where an explosion damaged an EnCana pipeline feeding gas from the Alberta province to the Pacific coast in Canada
15 October 2008 , 09:14Jo Amey7710

Apache may be to blame for explosion

Apache Energy Limited's pipeline explosion which drastically cut Western Australia's gas supply, may have committed offences under two pipeline acts
10 October 2008 , 09:49Jo Amey7950

110 Pupils Evacuated After Gas Leak

Accommodation is being sought for 110 pupils and their teachers who were evacuated from an outdoor education centre because of a gas leak
08 October 2008 , 08:35Jo Amey7930

Nigerian Militants Arrested

Militants launched a series of attacks on oil facilities last week
26 September 2008 , 11:12Jo Amey7070

25.8% Manned platforms were destroyed by Hurricane Ike in Gulf of Mexico

The MMS have recalculated the number of manned platforms in the Gulf of Mexico
26 September 2008 , 09:42Jo Amey7000

49 oil platforms in Gulf of Mexico destroyed by Hurricane Ike

At least 49 of the 3,800 offshore oil and gas production platform, were destroyed by Hurricane Ike as it rampaged across the Gulf of Mexico
19 September 2008 , 08:10Jo Amey9740

Iraq Oil Exports obstructed by bomb blasts

Oil exports through Iraq's northern pipeline to the Turkish port of Ceyhan have been on hold. The pipeline is Iraq's secondary export route
16 September 2008 , 15:34Jo Amey8270

Landfill Enquiry prompted by Gas Leak

Gas Leak in Australia leads to enquiry by environmental watchdog
16 September 2008 , 09:25Jo Amey8360

A Mexican gas pipeline caught fire

A main highway into Mexico city was closed by the gas pipeline fire on Friday
16 September 2008 , 08:12Ksena Kochneva6610

A pipeline Explosion in Bolivia

A gas line exploded in Tarija state causing natural gas exports cut to Brazil by 10%
12 September 2008 , 07:1310120

Man Fell Into Natural Gas Well

The site was being prepared for the drilling of a well
23 July 2008 , 09:4913980

Tanker Ladles Inflammable Cargo Along EDSA

A chemical tanker spilled its inflammable cargo on a southbound lane of EDSA in Makati City...
30 June 2008 , 10:348240

Incident: Gas Pipe Line Exposure

Gas supply to Uch Power Plant was affected after unknown men blew up the gas pipeline of the plant in the Chathar area near Dera Murad Jamali...
30 June 2008 , 08:596720

Chevron Nigeria Strike, Petrol Production Unaffected

The Nigerian senior oil workers union, PENGASSAN, has launched a strike...
25 June 2008 , 13:4911790