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EUR ЦБ — 73,72 +2,08
Brent — 50,58 -1,00%
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News // Incidental

North Dakota Residents Suffer Gas Leak, No services

Thousands of residents in south-central North Dakota
29 January 2008 , 09:565690

Vandalised Pipeline Fire Killed at Least 42

People here regularly take fuel from damaged pipelines for domestic use
27 December 2007 , 10:287950

South Korean: Captains of Barge Caused Oil Spill Arrested

The South Korean captains of a barge have been arrested on charges of causing the accident
25 December 2007 , 09:069000

Uruguay Cleans Up Oil Spill

Uruguay has finished cleaning an oil spill off the coast of the Maldonado province
24 December 2007 , 10:016750

Oil Spill in South Korea Underestimated

The spill has severely jeopardized the ecosystem and spoiled hundreds
20 December 2007 , 12:068690

South Korea Fights Oil Spill

South Korea deployed more than 100 ships and thousands of troops yesterday
10 December 2007 , 12:556410

Blast on China's Coal Mine Killed at Least 105

The number of people killed in a gas explosion at a coal mine in northern China reached 105
07 December 2007 , 11:077330

Hong Kong Oil Tanker Caused 15 000 tons Leakage Off Korea

Korea's west coast Friday and leaked about 15,000 tons of crude oil
07 December 2007 , 10:177420

Saudi Pipeline Blast Killed 28 People

Twenty-eight people were killed when a fire broke out on a gas pipeline in an oil-rich desert area of Saudi Arabia on Sunday
19 November 2007 , 11:226710

Russia Oil Freighter Sank, Three Dead, Oil Spilled

According to the environmental officials, the damage from an oil tanker spill could be the worst environmental disaster in the region in years
12 November 2007 , 09:116490

18 Killed and 7 Missing After Oil Platform Accident

At least 18 oil workers were killed when a Mexican drilling rig
25 October 2007 , 08:498420

Pipeline Broke Causing Oil Leakage in Canada

A major pipeline has broken near a busy port in Canada
25 July 2007 , 09:325440

38 Russian Mine Workers Killed by Gas Explosion

At least 38 miners were dead and two missing after a methane gas explosion
24 May 2007 , 13:485920

3 Major Oil Pipelines Bombed in Nigeria

The main militant group in restive southern Nigeria has bombed three major oil pipelines
08 May 2007 , 13:157750

20 Foreign Workers Kidnapped in Nigeria

Gunmen kidnapped 20 foreign workers in three attacks in Nigeria's oil producing Niger Delta region
07 May 2007 , 12:175730

Indonesia's Oil Tanker Exploded

An oil tanker that had just unloaded its cargo exploded on a Sumatran river Wednesday
26 April 2007 , 11:597020

Eight Sunk On Capsized Vessel in the North Atlantic

The oil-rig vessel that capsized in the North Atlantic claiming the lives of eight crew members has sunk
16 April 2007 , 10:397040

30 People Killed by LNG

More than 30 people have been killed as a truck with liquefied petroleum gas exploded in the southern Philippines
02 February 2007 , 10:466530

Two Car Bombs Blasted Near Agip in Nigeria

Nigerian militants detonated two car bombs in southern Nigeria on Monday
19 December 2006 , 10:019370

Russia's State Pipeline Firm Head's Son Jailed

Mazur's blood alcohol content was three times over the legal limit and medical tests showed cannabis in his blood
11 December 2006 , 11:068800