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News // Incidental

Three ENI Workers in Hostage, One Killed in Nigeria

Gunmen in Nigeria took three Italians hostage and killing another person Thursday
08 December 2006 , 11:497650

Two BP Emploees Killed While Working

Investigations into the causes of the deaths are still pending
29 November 2006 , 15:296880

8 People Killed by Gas Explosion

The blowout occurred close to a massive mud flow that began surging from a gas exploration site
23 November 2006 , 12:5111140

Pemex Fuel tanker Exlosion Killed People

At least 13 people died in the accident
18 October 2006 , 12:335560

US, Japan, Singapore Help Assess Oil Spill

Apart from the United States, the Philippine government has also sought the help of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan
23 August 2006 , 13:275930

BP: Can Do It If Really Want

BP said on Friday it had restored half of the production from Prudhoe Bay
21 August 2006 , 12:235350

Belgian, Moroccan Workers Kidnapped in Nigeria

Kidnappings of foreign workers are frequent in southern Nigeria
11 August 2006 , 09:515700

Foreign Oil Workers in Nigeria Still Happen to be Kidnapped

Three Filipino oil workers were kidnapped in southern Nigeria's petroleum-producing Niger Delta region
09 August 2006 , 09:518060

Paki Pipeline Blown Up by Rebels

The damage has caused a shortfall of 110 mcdf of gas per day
08 August 2006 , 14:005870

LUKoil to Buy Kuwaiti Refinery in the Netherlands

the refinery also lures investors also because it owns a deepwater terminal
14 June 2006 , 13:268930

Japanese Large Refinery Was Set on Fire

The fire, set off by an explosion early yesterday, had been extinguished
19 April 2006 , 11:146410

BP Pipeline Closed Due to Spill

BP is now looking to initiate a clean-up plan for the leak
03 March 2006 , 13:096270

Gas Supply To Georgia Is Renewed

Gas started flowing to Georgia on Monday after some blasts on gas pipelines
23 January 2006 , 08:145640

Gazprom Forced To Cut Gas Supplies to Europe

Russian gas giant Gazprom has cut gas supplies to Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina because of a very cold weather in Russia
19 January 2006 , 10:285140

Norway To Build Two Plants in Russia

Norway's Hydro Aluminum is looking into the possibility of building two aluminum plants in Russia
13 January 2006 , 10:346050

Russians Created Hurricane Katrina: American Scientist

Stevens claims the Russians invented the storm-creating technology
09 September 2005 , 12:066190

CNOOC Gives Financial Aid To US

Chinese oil giant CNOOC, who offered a takeover bid to the US oil firm Unocal this summer and was dismissed
06 September 2005 , 08:495850

Katrina Damages Cost Up To $30 Bln

German reinsurance giant Hannover Re has become the first reinsurance firm to warn...
05 September 2005 , 09:325790

25% US Oil Production Halted

Prices for WTI crude remain record high due to the destructions after Hurricane Katrina
01 September 2005 , 09:134960

Katrina Smashed US Gulf Coast

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said that federal funds will be used for response and recovery efforts
30 August 2005 , 08:315860