USD ЦБ — 64,92 +0,62
EUR ЦБ — 70,46 +1,04
Brent — 55,69 -4,26%
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Will the russian Turkish stream be launched, or an apology to Erdogan is not enough?

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News // Incidental

Ten Dead In India Oil Platform Fire

Ten people were confirmed dead in Wednesday's oil platform fire
29 July 2005 , 09:445940

BP Oil Listing Platform Still Undone

British Petroleum's Thunderhorse oil platform, damaged by Hurricane Dennis on Monday, has not yet been undone
14 July 2005 , 09:087410

Insurgents Fired Baghdad Oil Refinery

Iraqi insurgents fired mortars at Baghdad's main oil refinery on Saturday
11 July 2005 , 13:205070

Russian Politician Found Dead

The body of Vladimir Litvinov, a member of the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, was found by a channel...
20 June 2005 , 09:145350

Shell Workers Kidnapped

Local people are indignant at the foreign operators as they believe that they are not benefiting from oil
16 June 2005 , 09:396270

State Dept. Urges Caution in Romania Oil Probe

The State Department warned Romania yesterday to carefully handle a criminal investigation involving Rompetrol Group NV
10 June 2005 , 10:397250

BP Conducts Inquiry Into Blast

Investigation into the massive explosion at BP's oil refinery in Texas has started
25 March 2005 , 09:135390

Sad Day For BP

A massive explosion blasted BP's oil refinery in Texas
24 March 2005 , 08:035160

Iraqi Oilfield Attacked

Insurgents blew up a pipeline in Iraqi northern oil fields and killed two senior police officers in Baghdad
14 February 2005 , 14:165230

Horrible Pipeline Blast In Nigeria

At least 20 people were killed when thieves set alight a fuel pipeline
24 December 2004 , 13:007440

Gunfight In Bagdad on Monday

Monday a heavy gunfight broke out in Iraq, in the center of Baghdad
07 December 2004 , 13:004700

Nigerian Protesters Continue Rebellion

Nigerian protesters continue to besiege oil platforms run by two global oil and gas giants
07 December 2004 , 10:336250

Iraqi Pipeline Explosions Never Cease Happening

Two explosions damaged an oil pipeline in northern Iraq yesterday
30 November 2004 , 10:566490

Iraqi Two Pipelines Attacked

The insurgents attacked two oil and a gas pipelines in the northern Iraqi region
17 November 2004 , 13:005530

Gold Fields' Mine Shaft Killed People

The accident occurred shortly before 5 AM about 3 000m below surface
15 November 2004 , 08:585010

Suez Canal Reopened

Suez Canal, blocked on Sunday by Russian company Sovkomflot's oil tanker...
10 November 2004 , 08:004820

Suez Canal Shut Off, Oil Prices To Soar

Shipping through Suez Canal, the world's most important thruway, had been stopped after a Russian company...
09 November 2004 , 10:584510

Kazakhstan Pipeline Blasted, Killing People

A ruptured gas pipeline exploded and caught fire in western Kazakhstan
02 November 2004 , 12:366810

Mexican Pipeline Blown Up

A pipeline exploded in eastern Mexico Wednesday
14 October 2004 , 13:005400

Shell Pipeline Damaged By Hacksaw

Royal DutchShell said engineers have brought the damaged Nigerian oil pipeline fire under control
14 October 2004 , 10:344340