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EUR ЦБ — 73,72 +2,08
Brent — 50,58 -1,00%
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Will the russian Turkish stream be launched, or an apology to Erdogan is not enough?

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News // Incidental

Iraq To delay Amnesty For Strikers

Iraq delays amnesty as oil prices soar over pipeline strike
06 July 2004 , 12:594340

Gas Blast Memorial

9 candles were lit at a service yesterday to mark the nine lives lost in the Stockline plastic factory tragedy
05 July 2004 , 11:524080

Oil Workers To Shut Output

Oil workers may shut output
25 June 2004 , 10:304090

Norway Oil Strike to Worsen, Output to be Reduced Further

The strike that has hit Norway's oil sector will worsen from next Monday
24 June 2004 , 15:504050

Norway Oil Strike To Cut 375 000 Bpd

Norway oil strike widens to 375,000 bpd
23 June 2004 , 11:294890

Oil' Flowing

Oil flowed to a southern port Sunday after crews completed key repairs on a pipeline
21 June 2004 , 11:094180

Iraq: Next Pipeline Attack

In other violent incidents, a series of explosions rocked a US..
16 June 2004 , 08:113810

New Iraqi Government Unwelcome, Iraqi Pipeline Detonating

Wreckers blew up a key northern oil pipeline near Beiji Wednesday
10 June 2004 , 08:324710

Iraq-Turkey Oil Pipeline Exploded

Sunday night saboteurs detonated sound grenades the Kirkuk-Turkey pipeline in Northern Iraq
09 June 2004 , 09:555610

People Forfeit Lives for Iraq New Government Appointment

Yesterday in Baghdad dozens of people were killed and wounded in bomb blasts
02 June 2004 , 08:115990

They That Mischief Hatches, Mischief Catches

Russia: two men were killed when they were trying to plant a bomb
31 May 2004 , 08:556200

Seven Russian Victims Of Iraqi Rebels

Two Russia's citizens have been killed, and five ones wounded in an attack by Iraqi rebels
26 May 2004 , 09:366400

Petrobras Rig Workers Injured

Petrobras reported that five its workers on the Ocean Yatzy rig were hurt
21 May 2004 , 09:364770

Pipeline Rupture in US

A 12-inch natural gas pipeline was ruptured Monday during construction work.
12 May 2004 , 09:556160

Oseberg Staff Gathered In Cinema

A leak in a valve in the gas injection system
05 May 2004 , 08:115470

Halliburton Identifies Another Victim Of Iraqi Insurgents

A body of Halliburton worker was identified by the company Tuesday
28 April 2004 , 10:364730

American Oil Workers Were Killed

Two US oil workers were killed by militants and at least four Nigerians
27 April 2004 , 08:325380

The Bloodiest Month in The War

There are too many victims of Iraqi and American people in Iraq
26 April 2004 , 09:554820

Oil Minister Blames Al-Qaida

The lost exports would have been worth about $28 million
26 April 2004 , 07:516460

Gas Tanks May Cause North Korea Explosion

The blast in North Korea caused thousands killed or wounded, supposed to be produced by gas or oil storage tanks
23 April 2004 , 10:155020