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News // Incidental

Somali Pirates Demand "Honest" Negotiations

Somali pirates demanding 25 million dollars for a Saudi super-tanker called on Wednesday for stepped up and "honest" talks to free the vessel ahead of the November 30 ransom deadline
27 November 2008 , 08:52Jo Amey11860

Damages from Exxon Valedez Oil Spill to be Received by the End of the Month

Thousands of Alaska fishermen and other plaintiffs should receive their portion of punitive damages in the Exxon Valdez oil spill lawsuit before the end of November
25 November 2008 , 10:28Jo Amey9710

Somali Pirates on $100m Oil Ship Reduce Ransom

Somali pirates holding a Saudi supertanker in the largest hijacking in maritime history have apparently reduced their ransom to $15m
25 November 2008 , 09:20Jo Amey9370

Pirates Move Ship in fear of Islamist Attacks

The risk of Islamist attacks from groups opposed to piracy have caused pirates holding the Sirius Star, the vast crude oil tanker seized a week ago, to move the vessel according to news agency reports
24 November 2008 , 09:33Jo Amey10020

Gunmen Attack Navy Houseboat in Nigeria

Unknown gunmen attacked a navy houseboat in southern Nigeria protecting a Royal Dutch Shell crude oil flow station on Friday
21 November 2008 , 12:04Jo Amey9340

British and Saudi Government Urge Oil Vessel Owners Not to Pay Ransom

The Saudi owners of the Sirius Star are reportedly negotiating with pirate hijackers despite pleas from British and Saudi governments not to pay the ransom
21 November 2008 , 10:51Jo Amey9480

Somali Pirates Demand $25m Ransom

Pirates who hijacked a Saudi oil tanker off the Somali coast are reported to have demanded a $25m ransom
20 November 2008 , 12:40Jo Amey9470

Somali Pirates in Ransom Negotiations

A man presented on Al-Jazeera television as one of the gang who seized the ship said a cash sum would be exchanged for its return
19 November 2008 , 11:20Jo Amey8830

Indian Navy Destroy Pirate Ship

The Indian navy has said that one of its warships in the Gulf of Aden has destroyed a ship belonging to pirates operating off the coast of Somalia
19 November 2008 , 10:17Jo Amey8360

Hijacked Oil Vessel in Niger Delta Released

A Danish-registered vessel hijacked at the weekend with its 20-strong crew in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta was released late Monday
19 November 2008 , 09:16Jo Amey8960

Negotiations with Pirates on Vessel with $100m Oil taking Place

Negotiations with pirates who seized a vessel containing $100m worth of oil are taking place
18 November 2008 , 11:12Jo Amey8040

Two Killed in Gas Explosion in Mexico

An exploding tank at a gas processing plant in Mexico killed two workers on Monday, the latest in a string of accidents at state-run oil firm Pemex
18 November 2008 , 10:33Jo Amey8980

Vessel Seized by Gunmen in Niger Delta

Gunmen captured an oil firm vessel and its crew in a weekend raid off the shores of Nigeria's volatile southern Niger Delta region
18 November 2008 , 08:00Jo Amey8440

Seized Saudi Oil Tanker Heading for Somalia

A giant Saudi oil tanker seized by pirates in the Indian Ocean is nearing the coast of Somalia, the US Navy says
18 November 2008 , 07:23Jo Amey7790

Nigerian Oil Pipeline Sabotaged

A Nigerian crude oil pipeline was sabotaged in the Niger Delta while 22 Filipinos were arrested after their ship was intercepted for carrying stolen oil
17 November 2008 , 08:10Jo Amey9100

Cameroon Hostages Freed

Seven French and three African oil workers taken hostage from a tugboat off the coast of Cameroon last month were freed Tuesday
12 November 2008 , 09:21Jo Amey7470

8 Civilians Killed and Several Wounded in Somalia

At least eight civilians had been killed after fresh clashes erupted in some parts of Somalia's capital Mogadishu
10 November 2008 , 11:43Jo Amey7260

Ukranian Hostage Released in Nigeria

The main militant group in Nigeria's oil region said it freed a Ukrainian and three Nigerian hostages, while still holding two British nationals
10 November 2008 , 11:31Jo Amey8410

Gas Leak Caused Submarine Accident in Moscow

An accident on a Russian nuclear submarine that killed 20 people was caused by a gas leak
10 November 2008 , 09:41Jo Amey10210

Blast on Oil Pipeline Between Iraq and Turkey

A blast at a pipeline carrying oil from Iraq to Turkey halted supplies and caused a large spill
07 November 2008 , 09:12Jo Amey7930