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News // Metal market

Gold Climbs Up After "Bulls" Show Up

Friday Gold climbed up as market 'bulls' showed up after the price dropped to a three-week record low, but gains may be not as high as expected with a firming dollar robbing the metal of some of its appeal as an alternative investment
25 April 2008 , 10:196970

Dollar –Gold: Inversely - Proportional Correspondence

Gold rose on dollar weakness and record oil prices but the outlook for the precious metal was uncertain amid global market turmoil which could spark further rounds of risk aversion and liquidation
22 April 2008 , 13:449340

Gold's Back In Race After Sell-Off

Supported by light buying on dips by Japanese investors, gold rebounded on Monday after a sell-off the previous session
21 April 2008 , 12:236850

Gold Settles Down After Tremendous Record Above $950

Gold futures closed at a lower spot after hitting a three-week high above $950 an ounce Thursday, as a slight recovery in the dollar promised profit-taking in the metal
18 April 2008 , 08:586080

Gold & Dollar Teeter – Totter

Wednesday gold futures won back, pushed by weakness in the U.S. greenback, which fell to a new low against the euro
17 April 2008 , 08:546090

Where Oil There Gold

Tuesday there was a slight grow in gold futures, as investors bought the yellow metal as an insurance against inflation after crude oil soared to the news highs, though strength in the U.S. dollar capped gains in gold
16 April 2008 , 10:3011520

Gold Retrieves 1.1% Drop

Four weeks on from Gold soaring at $1,034 per ounce, the Gold Price recovered a 1.1% drop early Monday as a sharp bounce in the US Dollar failed to hold following this weekend's meeting of G7 finance ministers in Washington
15 April 2008 , 10:495450

Gold Slows Down As Cash Invstmt Gathers Pace

As falling equities incited investors to gain cash by selling precious metals gold declined in Asia for a third day
14 April 2008 , 11:517480

Gold Is Unmercifully Beaten By US Greenback

There was a second day gold slip in Asia after the euro dropped yesterday from a record against the dollar
11 April 2008 , 14:4219990

Tokyo Gold Leaps Back In Early Trade

Following New York precious metals futures' climbs overnight gold and platinum futures turned higher in early trading on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange Thursday
10 April 2008 , 12:2911160

It’s Time To Put Up In Gold

London based metals research house GFMS claims the factors that drove gold above $1000 an ounce last month are still present, despite a recent fall to about $900 an ounce, so the price can be retrace again
10 April 2008 , 11:5211930

China Gold Gained $7

The gold futures in Hong Kong went up 71 HK dollars
09 April 2008 , 11:365080

Overseas Markets: India Gold Futures Climb Up

India's gold futures were higher on Wednesday as overseas markets leaped back from the previous day's two-month low but a soaring dollar could halt gains, analysts said
02 April 2008 , 10:138620

Gold At $1000 Mark Due to Low U.S. Currency

Gold futures soared near to $1,000 mark on Friday after the U.S. dollar fell to the record low
14 March 2008 , 13:276620

Gold Strong While Dollar Weak

Gold extended gains on Thursdayon active buying
13 March 2008 , 13:1311540

Gold Futures Dropped From Record

Gold dropped from a record in London after the dollar halted a slump
28 February 2008 , 15:3611440

Gold Almost Got New Record

Gold futures rose Friday nearly to an all time high as supply problems in South Africa triggered another round...
22 February 2008 , 14:355190

China's Gold Demand Increased, Helping Gold Prices Rise

China's gold demand increased 26 per cent year-on-year to 326.1 tonnes
19 February 2008 , 13:185590

Gold Futures Rose $4.4 Over SA Supply Cuts Concerns

Gold futures soared on Monday on a weakening dollar and increased concerns over supply cuts...
12 February 2008 , 12:025410

Gold Rose For 3rd Straight Session

Gold rose for a third straight day after AngloGold Ashanti Ltd., the world's third-largest miner of the metal, yesterday said output this year may be 400,000 ounces lower...
08 February 2008 , 15:535890