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News // Metal market

Gold Price May Rise Above $1100, GFMS metals consultancy

The gold price may rise above 1,100 dollars an ounce in the coming months, GFMS said

10 April 2009 , 09:50Ksenia KochnevaAFP15970

Gold Fell by 1.2 percent in Asia

Gold prices in Asia fell Thursday by 1.2 per cent to $930.88 an ounce as most investors sold the metal to lock in gains
19 March 2009 , 08:38Ksenia Kochneva10030

Gold Trade Changed A Bit

Gold traded little changed in Asia as a rally in global equities reduced the appeal of the precious metal as an alternative investment, Bloomberg reported
17 March 2009 , 10:19Ksenia Kochneva12400

Polyus Gold Will Be Taken By Mikhail Prokhorov

The Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service permitted businessman Mikhail Prokhorov to purchase 73.1 percent of Polyus Gold's shares, RBC reported
16 March 2009 , 09:32Ksenia Kochneva11370

Gold Prices Rose Above $900

Gold prices rose and stayed above $900 an ounce on Thursday
12 March 2009 , 11:45Ksenia Kochneva10100

Gold Traded a Bit Below $900

Gold traded little changed below $900 an ounce in Asia after global equities rallied and bond yields rose, eroding the metal's appeal as an investment haven, Bloomberg reported
11 March 2009 , 10:5810690

Gold Is Likely To Strike Above $2200

70 economists agree gold headed above $2200, Real Money Perspectives reports
10 March 2009 , 11:44Ksenia Kochneva12300

Gold Rises Again

Gold rises Thursday for the first day in nine as stocks and crude fall
06 March 2009 , 10:33Ksenia Kochneva11460

Russian Millionaire Sold Its Stake In Polyus Gold

Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin sold 20 percent of mining company Polyus Gold to billionaire Suleiman Kerimov, Vedomosti reported Tuesday, citing three unidentified people familiar with the situation
04 March 2009 , 09:05Ksenia Kochneva10590

Gold Below $960 and Could Ease Further

Gold went down to waver below $960 on Wednesday
25 February 2009 , 08:39Ksenia Kochneva12150

Gold Futures Reach New Highs

Gold soared Tuesday as investors sought its safe haven qualities amid deepening concern about the global economic outlook
18 February 2009 , 11:17Ksenia Kochneva9520

Gold Prices Continue To Rise

Gold is balancing near $950 an ounce because investors no longer believe in paper currencies
16 February 2009 , 08:38Ksenia Kochneva11470

VTB Applies For 50% of Polyus Gold

VTB has requested clearance to buy up to 50 percent of Polyus Gold, Russian largest gold miner
12 February 2009 , 10:29Ksenia Kochneva10900

Norilsk Nickel Finished Share Buy-Back

Norilsk Nickel has completed a buyback of 7,853,807 common shares, RBC reported yesterday
10 February 2009 , 10:58Ksenia Kochneva10040

Polyus Gold Delays the Far East Field Development

Polyus Gold, Russian largest producer of the metal, plans to delay the full development of the Natalka field in the Far East by a decade because of the economic crisis and a lack of power
04 February 2009 , 12:45Ksenia Kochneva10140

Russia and Canada to Explore Gold in Yakutia

Russian company Polyus Zoloto and Canadian Kinross Gold Corporation inked a deal on joint venture that will explore gold in Siberian region of Yakutia
27 January 2009 , 11:2319930

Russia Abolishes Plain Nickel and Cathode Copper Export Duties,

Russian PM signed on Wednesday a resolution to completely remove plain nickel and cathode copper export duties, leaving 10% duties for refined copper and copper alloys
22 January 2009 , 10:1812230

Russian Polymetal Increased Production in 2008

Russian gold producer increased output by 17 percent to 285,000 ounces in 2008, the company said in a statement Wednesday
21 January 2009 , 14:049410

Russia Raises Duties On Steel Tubes and Pipes

Russia will raise a customs import tariff on some rolled steel products and on steel tubes and pipes to protect domestic producers from cheap imports
19 January 2009 , 09:05Ksenia Kochneva10760

Russia & Venezuela Joint Gold Mining Venture

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez revealed some information on Venrus, a joint venture of Rusoro Mining and the Venezuelan government
15 January 2009 , 12:53Ksenia Kochneva10650