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News // Middle East and OPEC

Russia is to visit OPEC meeting in December

A high-level delegation will be sent to Algeria to take part in OPEC meeting on December, 17
22 September 2008 , 12:15Ksenia Kochneva8780

Iran denies talks on Russian membership in OPEC

"Russia participated in the OPEC conference as an observer, and there was no specific consultation between Iran and Russia about OPEC membership", Iranian Oil Ministry official said.
18 September 2008 , 08:50Ksenia Kochneva7400

OPEC Invitation declined by Brazil

Brazil has declined Saudi Arabia's invitation to join OPEC
16 September 2008 , 12:16Jo Amey10320

Iran and Ecuador have signed an energy co-operation deal

Tehran and leftist South American governments showed their will to co-operate in matters of economy and politics
16 September 2008 , 07:55Ksenia Kochneva6460

US disagrees with Opec decision

The White House said that more oil is needed on the market
12 September 2008 , 07:305320

Saudis to ignore OPEC decision to cut production

Saudi officials assured world markets that they would ignore the decision and continue to pump as much oil as needed.
11 September 2008 , 12:477350

Iraq cancels six no-bid oil contracts

An Iraqi plan to award six no-bid contracts to Western oil companies, which came under sharp criticism from several United States senators this summer, has been withdrawn, participants in the negotiations said on Wednesday.
11 September 2008 , 12:328960

OPEC chief comes to Moscow in October

OPEC secretary-general Abdalla Salem El-Badri announced that he was planning to travel to Moscow in October to foster cooperation with Russia
11 September 2008 , 08:436130

Oil rises on Opec production curb

Oil prices have risen, after OPEC agreed to return to its late 2007 production levels
10 September 2008 , 11:035710

OPEC Average Price Rose

The weekly average prices of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
02 September 2008 , 14:497080

China To Develop Iraqi Oil Field

The new agreement will be a service contract, under which China will not be a partner in profits and instead will be paid for its work
21 August 2008 , 14:378190

OPEC Average Oil Price Dropped

The weekly average oil prices of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
21 August 2008 , 14:045510

Iran May Close Gulf Shipping Route

The head of the Revolutionary Guards Mohammad Ali Jafari made this statement, saying that Iran was likely to fuel tension...
05 August 2008 , 14:226580

OPEC to Consider Oil Rationing

Iranian Oil Minister Gholam Hussein Nozari has revealed that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
04 August 2008 , 15:166490

Iraq Increased Oil Exports Tenfold

According to a report by the U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction said that oil exports from Iraq's northern pipeline rose by more than...
31 July 2008 , 14:376350

Iraq: Political War Damages National Oil Industry

Iraqi central government is trying to reassert control over South Oil
31 July 2008 , 10:546950

Dana Gas, Crescent Petroleum Create JV

The Kurdistan Gas City is a major new sustainable and synergistic gas-utilisation industrial complex to be built
30 July 2008 , 15:186330

Saudi Arabia Extends Neutral Zone Productioon Consession for Chevron

Saudi Arabia has authorised the extension of an oil concession held by US oil giant Chevron in its Neutral Zone shared with Kuwait.
15 July 2008 , 13:275290

OPEC: Crude Demand To Decline

The global oil cartel OPEC has predicted a drop in demand for crude as motorists were today threatened
11 July 2008 , 14:554800

Iraq Demands Timetable of US Troops Withdrawal

Iraq's prime minister said Monday his country wants some type of timetable
09 July 2008 , 15:145430