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Rosneft under fire over Venezuelan crude purchases

The U.S. State Department has not warned or notified BP in any way about its role as a substantial shareholder in Russia’s Rosneft.

15 March 2019 , 14:07Irina SlavNeftegaz.RU11540

Visiting Bulgaria, Russian PM Medvedev discussed energy projects with Borissov and Radev

Dmitry Medvedev and Boiko Borissov discussed their respective priorities on their energy agendas in talks.

05 March 2019 , 12:08Neftegaz.RU4840

Sergei Lavrov: Russia to coordinate energy policy with Qatar

Russia and Qatar, as major natural gas producers, have agreed to coordinate their policies in the energy sector.

05 March 2019 , 10:11Neftegaz.RU5990

Belarus president concerned about Russia's unwillingness to negotiate long-term gas price

It is wrong that Russia protracts negotiations on the gas price Belarus will pay as from 2020. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the statement as he met with representatives of the general public and expert community, Belarusian and foreign mass media.

04 March 2019 , 00:02Neftegaz.RU3640

Nicolas Maduro ordered move of the PDVSA office from Lisbon to Moscow

Venezuelan VP said that Nicolas Maduro decided to close PDVSA's office in Lisbon.

01 March 2019 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU5430

A.Novak: Russian companies in Venezuela safe

Russian companies in Venezuela are not experiencing any problems resulting from the escalation in the political situation.

28 February 2019 , 16:07Irina SlavNeftegaz.RU4680

Poroshenko: Russia may attack ships of Baltic states after Nord Stream 2 is constructed

If the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is constructed, Russia may attack the ships of the Baltic countries in the Baltic Sea.

22 February 2019 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU6470

Austrian Chancellor voices support for Nord Stream-2 despite the US opposition to it

Austria will continue promoting the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project.

22 February 2019 , 14:15Neftegaz.RU6580

European Commissioner Günther Oettinger visits Baku

European Commissioner paid a 1-day-visit to Baku.

21 February 2019 , 10:11Neftegaz.RU4860

US still weighing Russian sanctions that could cut off oil flows

The US is still deciding which sanctions to impose on Russia as part of mandatory penalties triggered in 2018 that could include blocking Russian petroleum imports.

14 February 2019 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU5820

Estonia's Paet: By supporting Nord Stream 2, Germany ignores energy independence principle

Member of the European Parliament Urmas Paet criticized the German government for supporting the construction of Nord Stream 2.

12 February 2019 , 10:11Neftegaz.RU5110

France and Germany finally settled their dispute regarding the Nord Stream 2

The EU supported the agreement on managing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

08 February 2019 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU9080

Poland to become independent from Russian gas by end-2022

Poland will become independent from Russian gas by the end of 2022, a government official said.

06 February 2019 , 14:07Neftegaz.RU5220

Rosneft sees its Venezuelan oil output stable, views crisis as 'temporary'

Rosneft does not expect crude production at its joint projects with state-owned PDVSA in the Latin American country to drop in 2019.

06 February 2019 , 12:09Neftegaz.RU5530

European buyers halt Venezuelan crude purchases

European buyers of the heavy crude produced by Venezuela’s PDVSA have put their purchases on hold in anticipation of sanctions against the government in Caracas to be announced by the EU.

04 February 2019 , 13:00Irina SlavNeftegaz.RU5080

Russia has nothing against Croatian LNG terminal construction

Russian Ambassador to Croatia said that Russia had nothing against building the Croatian LNG terminal.

01 February 2019 , 14:09Neftegaz.RU4520

Russia vows to defend its Venezuelan oil assets

Russia, which stands by Nicolas Maduro in the ongoing Venezuelan political crisis.

31 January 2019 , 16:08Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU9320

Alexey Miller and Moldova’s President review ongoing and future cooperation in gas sector

A working meeting between Alexey Miller and Igor Dodon took place in Moscow.

30 January 2019 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU4470

Juan Guaido tries to take control of Venezuela´s PDVSA as US imposes sanctions

The sanctions prohibit most American businesses from engaging in transactions with PDVSA.

30 January 2019 , 14:07Neftegaz.RU5510

Romania wants EU rules for Nord Stream 2 gas link agreed swiftly

Romania will push for a swift accord on applying EU market rules to offshore gas pipelines such as Russia's 55 Bcm/year Nord Stream 2.

25 January 2019 , 12:08Neftegaz.RU5290