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News // Russia

Alexey Miller and German Ambassador Ruediger von Fritsch discuss gas cooperation

A working meeting took place in Moscow.

22 June 2018 , 10:10Neftegaz.RU5480

Putin sees good prospects for energy cooperation with Belarus

Vladimir Putin sees good prospects for expanding Belarus-Russia cooperation in energy.

20 June 2018 , 16:09Neftegaz.RU5770

Igor Sechin holds working meeting with Khalid Al-Falih

Igor Sechin held a working meeting with Khalid Al-Falih, Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia.

19 June 2018 , 10:10Neftegaz.RU5880

Russia and Bolivia consolidate energy partnership

Evo Morales met with Vladimir Putin, as part of a 2-day visit to Moscow.

14 June 2018 , 16:05Neftegaz.RU5510

Russia and Pakistan set to sign $10 billion offshore pipeline deal this week

Pakistan and Russia are poised to sign a $10-billion offshore gas pipeline deal, a project planned by the latter to capture the energy market of Pakistan.

04 June 2018 , 17:22Neftegaz.RU8760

Gazprom’s exports to the Far Abroad reached 86 bcm within 5 months of 2018

From January to May, 2018, Gazprom produced 217.3 bcm of gas, which is by 9.5% (18.8 bcm) more than in the same period of 2017.

04 June 2018 , 10:22Neftegaz.RU23050

Europe plans to eliminate US dollar transactions for its oil purchases from Iran

The EU considering dumping the dollar in favor of the euro when it comes to making payments to Iran for its crude oil.

17 May 2018 , 16:06Neftegaz.RU6370

Alexey Miller and Bulgarian Energy Minister discussed potential gas supplies to Europe via Turkish Stream

A working meeting between Alexey Miller and Temenuzhka Petkova took place in Moscow.

17 May 2018 , 14:06Neftegaz.RU7950

Alexey Miller and Rainer Seele note considerable growth in Russian gas exports to Austria

A working meeting between Alexey Miller and Rainer Seele, took place in Moscow.

16 May 2018 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU23650

Gazprom: Europe has nothing to fear from increased Russian gas market share

The rising Russian share of the European gas market should not be a cause of concern for Europe.

15 May 2018 , 16:07Neftegaz.RU7210

Belarusian-Russian consent on gas pricing formula expected by 1 July 2019

Belarus intends to come to terms with Russia on the formula for pricing natural gas by 1 July 2019.

15 May 2018 , 12:07Neftegaz.RU6070

Gazprom leads in total production outlook among NOCs

Gazprom has the highest remaining reserves for producing, planned and announced fields with 84.5 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

08 May 2018 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU7290

Sudan extends invitation to Russian oil explorers

Sudan has invited Russian companies to take part in the development of its oil industry.

26 April 2018 , 12:07Irina SlavNeftegaz.RU7420

Russia bets big on Arctic oil

Gazprom Neft, Russia’s fourth largest oil producer, has big plans for its Arctic oil operations.

25 April 2018 , 17:22Irina SlavNeftegaz.RU7680

Naftogaz and Gazprom prepare for new battle in Stockholm

Talks between Ukraine’s state oil & gas monopoly Naftogaz and its Russian counterpart Gazprom came to no resolution regarding the conflict over gas supply and transit contracts.

23 April 2018 , 19:00Neftegaz.RU7890

Russia and Iran hit back at the petrodollar

Russia and Iran have launched an oil-for-goods exchange program seeking to eliminate bilateral payments in U.S. dollars.

23 April 2018 , 17:24Irina SlavNeftegaz.RU10450

Gazprom gas exports to Europe rise 6.3% since start of 2018

Gas production and deliveries of Gazprom continue to grow even after the end of the winter heating season.

18 April 2018 , 10:11Neftegaz.RU84750

Russia mulls oil payments in national currencies with Iran and Turkey

Russia is considering an option of payments for oil in national currencies, in particular with Turkey and Iran.

09 April 2018 , 10:24Neftegaz.RU5700

Russian firms to invest $22.5 billion in oil production in 2018

Russian companies are expected to invest $22.5 billion (1.3 trillion rubles) in oil production this year, with crude output and exports forecast at the same levels as in 2017, Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on April 6, 2018.

09 April 2018 , 00:02Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU7280

Russia says wider cooperation arrangement with OPEC could be indefinite

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that an arrangement under which Moscow cooperates with the OPEC oil group could become indefinite once a current deal to curb oil production expires in the end of the year.

06 April 2018 , 15:01Neftegaz.RU5180