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News // Markets & Stocks

Positive Jobs Report Inches Oil a Bit Up

Friday June crude futures on Nymex opened 88 cents higher at $113.40 PB, benefiting from a positive jobs data
04 May 2008 , 15:425850

Gold: Four-Month Low Record

Gold hit a four-month low point Friday after the dollar soared following a positive US jobs data, but the metal rebounded when the price went below $850 an ounce and attracted fresh buyers
04 May 2008 , 14:5113970

Oil Falls Again And Again And Again And Again…

Oil prices eased today, a day after the rallying dollar sparked the market's sharpest decline in four weeks, as traders waited to see whether the US Federal Reserve would signal an end to its interest rate cuts
30 April 2008 , 12:585060

High Oil Prices Provoke Gold Leaps

Monday disclosed a gold growth whilst oil soared to a record high near $120 a barrel, but investors were cautious ahead of this week's meeting of the US Federal Reserve on interest rates
29 April 2008 , 09:047550

Crude: Little By Tittle Makes A Mickle

Crude-oil futures closed at slightly higher point Monday after getting to a new record near 120 dollars a barrel as a weekend refinery strike closed a pipeline system that delivers a third of Britain's North Sea oil to its refineries
29 April 2008 , 08:366640

Supply Concerns Spur Oil Prices

Friday oil prices hit again, surging more than $2 after news that a US cargo ship fired at two boats in the Persian Gulf
28 April 2008 , 10:037510

Gold, Oil: Directly-Proportional Growth

Monday gold inched up after oil moved to another record high above $119 a barrel
28 April 2008 , 08:086980

Oil Sets Back On Strengthening Greenback

Friday oil fell further after declining more than $2 a barrel in the previous session as the U.S. greenback became much stronger, inciting investors to book profits
25 April 2008 , 10:466900

Yankee To Start Walking: Fuel Leaps

Gasoline and oil prices pushed further into record high territory Tuesday, with retail gas reaching a national average of $3.51 for the first time and crude nearing US$120 as the U.S. dollar fell to a new low against the euro
23 April 2008 , 14:558680

Stocks: Exxon Thai To Raise $350 Mln From IPO

A unit of Exxon Mobil Corp, will raise 11 billion baht, $350 million in the country's largest IPO so far this year, in what is expected to be a busy year for fund raising in Thailand
23 April 2008 , 12:1716110

HK Stock Market: Chinese Oil Refiners Surge

There are some Monday stocks on the move in Hong Kong
22 April 2008 , 12:5114420

PetroChina, Shanghai Electric, Lenovo: Stocks Review

Shares in PetroChina fell 1.68 percent to HK$9.93 in Hong Kong after they dropped more than 5 percent in Shanghai to hit a low of 16 yuan, below the stock's offering price of 16.70 yuan in last year's Shanghai IPO
18 April 2008 , 10:2612440

Oil Inches Up, OPEC “Sees NO Evil, Hears No Evil”

Monday oil jumped $107, continuing last week's retrace after OPEC's secretary-general reiterated the group saw little need to pump more oil
07 April 2008 , 14:2013110

Oilfield Services: IPO Indeed!

The energy business consultants Douglas-Westwood Limited, said it has provided advisory services to $10 billion of energy related transactions during 2007. Director of Transaction Services, Andrew Reid, commented, "2007 has proven to be highly active...
07 April 2008 , 09:258680

Crude Oil Losses May Cheer Up US Dollar

U.S. crude oil futures ended $1 a barrel lower in choppy trading Thursday, as traders weighed the day's dollar gain and lower oil demand amid a weakening economy
04 April 2008 , 08:029520

Hong Kong Stocks Rallied Gaining 1.24%

The market kept its upwards trend in the afternoon session before advancing...
03 April 2008 , 13:437070

Asian Stocks Hit Their Highest After Oil & Gold Retrace

Asian stocks hit to their highest in a month on Thursday as a retrace in gold and oil lifted resource shares, while an incredibly optimistic indicator for US jobs elevated hopes of a weaker US economy recession than initially expected
03 April 2008 , 12:038100

Non Encouraging 2008 Crude Forecast: UN-ESCAP

A decline in industrial growth will drop the crude oil prices in the international market while...
28 March 2008 , 13:523860

Oil Prices Sent Back High

Oil futures rallied back to $107 a barrel Thursday over an Iraqi oil pipeline blown up
28 March 2008 , 10:496100

Oil Prices Gain On US Stoskpiles Report, Weak Dollar

Oil rose for a third straight session on Thursday to top $106 a barrel
27 March 2008 , 13:375070