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News // Поиск по тегу 'belarus'

Oil transport agreement will be signed between Ukraine and Belarus

Ukraine and Belarus will sign an intergovernmental agreement by the end of the week on cooperation in transporting oil across Ukraine to Belarus, the Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Ministry has reported in a news release.

09 July 2010 , 10:00Oil and Gas Information Agency0

Customs union finally operational since today

The Customs Code, making the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan fully operational, comes into force on Tuesday.

06 July 2010 , 08:18RIA Novosti0

Belarus increased its transit fees on Russian oil products

Belarus raised the transit fees for Russian oil products through its territory on Thursday, in a move seen as last-minute maneuvering ahead of its accession to a customs union with Russia and Kazakhstan.

02 July 2010 , 08:15Irina FilatovaThe Moscow Times0

Gas transit agreement concluded between Belarus and Russia

Belarus gas pipeline Beltransgaz and Russia's gas monopoly Gazprom have finalized a supplementary agreement to a gas transit contract and may sign it on Wednesday or Thursday, Beltransgaz Chief Executive Officer Vladimir Mayorov said on Monday.

29 June 2010 , 09:30RIA Novosti0

Russia resumed gas supplies to Belarus

Russia resumed gas supplies to Belarus on Thursday after paying gas transit debts in an effort to ease fears of supply cuts to the European Union, which said it believed that the dispute was over.

25 June 2010 , 09:50The Moscow Times0

No confirmation from Gazprom about Belarus debt payment

Gazprom cannot yet confirm that Belarus has settled its gas debt, a spokesman for the Russian energy giant said Wednesday.

24 June 2010 , 09:48RIA Novosti0

Belarus has stopped gas deliveries to Europe

Russia and Belarus raised the stakes Tuesday in their gas trade dispute, with Minsk threatening to suspend transit to Europe in a new "gas war," but Moscow assured its end consumers that supplies can be maintained through Ukraine.

23 June 2010 , 08:14Anatoly MedetskyThe Moscow Times0

Belarus will pay its gas debt within the next two weeks

Belarus' first deputy premier Vladimir Semashko said Monday that his country will settle its debts with Russian energy giant Gazprom within two weeks, indicating that Belarus would borrow the money required for settling its dues.

22 June 2010 , 09:12Quote.com0

Russia started to cut gradually gas supplies to Belarus

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered Gazprom to start cutting gas supplies to Belarus but continue talks with Minsk, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said on Monday.

21 June 2010 , 10:05RIA Novosti0

Last chance for Belarus to avoid Russian to cut gas delivery on Monday

Belarus, which may be cut from Russian gas supplies this Monday, does not leave hopes to agree with the Russian side over a gas debt issue until the last moment.

21 June 2010 , 08:06RIA Novosti0

Belarus may have 85% of its gas deliveries from Russia cut

Gazprom may cut 85% of gas deliveries to Belarus from June 21 due to outstanding debts, the Russian energy giant's CEO Alexei Miller said Thursday.

18 June 2010 , 08:24RIA Novosti0

Russian President Medvedev gives five days to Belarus to pay its gas debt

Russia is giving Belarus five days to pay off its $200 million gas debt, President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday.

16 June 2010 , 09:52RIA Novosti0

Without the Belarus the Customs Union may finally come into full effect this Summer

The Customs Union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, planned to come into full effect this summer, may begin operations without Belarus, Vedomosti business daily reported on Monday.

25 May 2010 , 10:48RIA Novosti0

Gazprom complained that Belarus didn't want to pay gas on agreed prices

Gazprom said Friday that Belarus was refusing to pay agreed prices for fuel supplies, with the country already owing $192 million for its gas this year.

24 May 2010 , 08:07Bloomberg0

Belarus don't want any customs duties on crude and oil products within the Custom Union

Belarus will insist on repealing customs duties on crude and oil products within the Customs Union with Russia and Kazakhstan at the upcoming meeting of the heads of the governments of the three countries in St. Petersburg on May 21.

19 May 2010 , 08:45Ukroil.com0

Strong decline of Russian oil importation in Belarus for the first quarter of the year

Belarus imported 3.05 million tons of crude from Russia in the first quarter of the year, cutting back its imports from its big neighbour by 43.2 percent compared to the first quarter of last year, Belstat reports.

18 May 2010 , 09:30Belstat0

Oil refineries modernization is urgent in Belarus

Speaking to Belarussian oil industry executives at the Mozyr refinery on 3 May, Belarussian Prime Minister Sergey Sidorskiy said the country's refineries needed to be modernized very quickly.

07 May 2010 , 08:04Belta0

Moscow ready to react against Venezuelan oil imported by Belarus

Transneft said Tuesday that it was steaming ahead on a pipeline circumventing Belarus, days after Minsk received a shipment of Venezuelan crude, widening the rift in energy trade between the countries.

05 May 2010 , 08:23Anatoly MedetskyMoscow Journal0

Belarus will receive its first Venezuelan oil delivery in the end of April

Belarus will import its first cargo of crude oil from Venezuela in late April or early May.

09 April 2010 , 09:41Reuters0

Despite some complains customs unions between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan should be soon effective

Russia's partners in a new customs union, Kazakhstan and Belarus, are getting cold feet about a pact designed to boost trade among the trio and add clout to their WTO accession talks.

06 April 2010 , 08:02Reuters0