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News // Поиск по тегу 'belarus'

Belarus To Raise Transit Fees For Russian Oil

Belarus will raise transit fees for Russian oil by around 30 percent this month
07 February 2007 , 15:000

Belarus President Swore to Find Other Oil Source

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko criticized Russia for a series of energy deals that have sharply raised prices and cut revenues for Belarus
24 January 2007 , 11:410

Russia Resumed Oil Delivery Through Belarus

Russia resumed crude supplies to Europe through Belarus
11 January 2007 , 12:510

Belarus Tapped Russian Fuel As Ukraine Did Last Year

Belarus is siphoning off Russian oil designated for Europe from the Druzhba pipeline going through Belarus
09 January 2007 , 09:280

Europe Will Run Out Of Gas: Belarus

"We are interdependent", Belarus Deputy Prime Minister said
29 December 2006 , 10:390

The EU Called On Russia and Belarus Solve Their Gas Problem

The EU Commissioner for Energy Andris Piebalgs called on Russia and Belarus to solve the problem
29 December 2006 , 09:160

Gazprom To Shutt Off Gas Supply to Belarus

Russia's state gas monopoly threatened neighboring Belarus on Monday
26 December 2006 , 13:430

Russia, Belarus Reach No Consent On Gas Supply

Russia and Belarus still can't reach an agreement over a dispute about the cost of the Russian gas
19 December 2006 , 09:140

Belaru, Iran to Jointly Develp oil Deposits

Belarus state oil company and Iran drafted Monday a joint action plan for oil sector cooperation
13 December 2006 , 13:150

Belarus, Ukraine To Team Up Against Russia

Belarus and Ukraine have actually confirmed the possibility of establishing some gas partnership bypassing Russia
30 October 2006 , 13:470

Belarus Made Out «Forbidden» List

The list is the responce to Washington and Brussels
09 June 2006 , 10:430

Gazprom To Set Market Price on Gas

Now Russia supplies its natural gas to Belarus for $46, 7 per thou. cu.m
02 June 2006 , 10:060

Belarus: Russia's Gas Price Hiking Will Hit its Economy

He said in the parliament on Thursday that Russia's company Gazprom had earlier declared a plan of increasing prices of gas
14 April 2006 , 10:520

Russia Establishes Common Economic Space with Two Neighbours

Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are ready to sign the preliminary contract to establish
11 April 2006 , 10:020

Russia Increases Gas Export Price for its Ally

Russia's gaz monopoly Gazprom said Belarus must pay three times more for its gas supplies next year
05 April 2006 , 11:140

Gazprom To Rise Gas Price for Belarus

Gazprom head said that the company was going to increase the gas price for Belarus fivefold
31 March 2006 , 09:580

Russia Said No to Ukraine, Said Yes to Belarus

Russia will supply natural gas to Belarus at $46.7 per 1,000 cu m
19 December 2005 , 10:050

Belarussian Gold, Forex Reserves Grew

Belarussian gold and foreign exchange reserves according to the national definition grew
14 October 2005 , 11:430

Russian Intelligence Service Warns

At least $5m has been prepared for the opposition groups in Belarus for 2005
13 May 2005 , 09:020

Russia Loans $175 Million To Belarus

The Russian government has approved a government loan to Belarus
15 December 2004 , 11:460