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Bolivia's Morales to discuss gas, nuclear projects during Russia visit

Evo Morales will travel to Moscow in July in part to seek closer cooperation between Gazprom and his country's state owned gas industry.

26 March 2019 , 17:22Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom to drill 8 wells in Bolivia

Wide repercussion has the announcement that Gazprom will drill 8 wells in Bolivia.

28 June 2018 , 12:06Neftegaz.RU0

Russia and Bolivia consolidate energy partnership

Evo Morales met with Vladimir Putin, as part of a 2-day visit to Moscow.

14 June 2018 , 16:05Neftegaz.RU0

Forum of Gas Exporting Countries kicks off in Bolivia

The 4th Forum of Gas Exporting Countries being held for the 1st time in a South American nation.

22 November 2017 , 14:10Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom eyes Brazil’s natural gas opportunities

Russia has never played a relevant role in Brazil’s oil and gas industry. But this relationship might change.

30 October 2017 , 00:04Brunno BragaNeftegaz.RU0

Bolivia: 10 Heads of states expected to attend Gas Forum

Nearly 10 heads of state will attend the 4th Forum of Gas Exporting Countries (FPEG).

24 October 2017 , 14:06Neftegaz.RU0

Russia strengthens energy ties with Bolivia

Sergei Lavrov highlighted the strength and positive development of ties between Russia and Bolivia.

17 August 2017 , 10:11Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom interested in Bolivia hydrocarbon areas

Bolivian hydrocarbons minister Luis Sánchez reported that Gazprom is interested in exploring 2 new hydrocarbon areas in Vitiacua.

29 May 2017 , 10:34Neftegaz.RU0

President Rouhani in Venezuela: Iran supports oil market stabilization

President Hassan Rouhani says Tehran supports any move for stabilization of the market and improvement of oil prices based on justice, fairness and observation of fair quota for the producing countries.

19 September 2016 , 13:00Neftegaz.RU0

ROSATOM and ABEN signs first commercial construction contracts for Nuclear Research and Technology Center in Bolivia

Russia’s nuclear power corporation Rosatom and the Bolivian Atomic Energy Agency (ABEN) have signed first commercial contracts on the project of construction of a center for nuclear research and technologies in Bolivia.

05 August 2016 , 18:27Neftegaz.RU0

Total has put on stream the Incahuasi gas and condensate field in Bolivia

French oil major Total has started production at the Incahuasi gas and condensate field in Bolivia, bringing on stream 50,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

03 August 2016 , 11:59Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom International delegation participated in the Gas and Petroleum Congress in Bolivia

The delegation from Gazprom International, headed by its Managing Director Andrey Fick, participated in the 6th International Gas and Petroleum Congress 2016 held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

20 July 2016 , 10:09Neftegaz.RU0

Rosatom and Bolivia signed 3 agreements to build a nuclear research center in El Alto, Bolivia

Rosatom reported on July 11, 2016, that russian state nuclear energy agency Rosatom and the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy of Bolivia signed a memorandum on personnel training and education in nuclear energy and related sectors and a memorandum on cooperation in public acceptance of peaceful use of nuclear energy.

11 July 2016 , 21:03Neftegaz.RU0

Bolivian delegation visits VNIIGAZ

Last week a joint delegation of the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy of Bolivia, and the Bolivian state oil and gas company, Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) led by Oscar Barriga, Deputy Minister for Industrialization, Sales, Transportation and Storage of Hydrocarbons, visited Gazprom VNIIGAZ, the head Science and Technology center of Gazprom.

29 June 2016 , 10:37Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom to stimulate dynamic growth of Bolivia’s energy market

Alexey Miller and Luis Alberto Sanchez Fernandez, Bolivian Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy, and Guillermo Acha Morales, President of Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), signed at the Petersburg International Economic Forum a Road Map between Gazprom, Bolivia's Ministry of Hydrocarbons, and YPFB for implementing projects in Bolivia.

20 June 2016 , 13:22Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom and Bolivia advancing cooperation to new levels

A Gazprom delegation headed by Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, visited today Bolivia.

19 February 2016 , 17:03Neftegaz.RU0

Bolivia: Start-Up Of Production From Itaú Phase 2

Total announces the start-up of production from Phase 2 of the Itaú gas and condensate field located in Block XX (Tarija Oeste) in the Andean Cordillera foothills of Bolivia.

03 February 2014 , 10:08Neftegaz.RU0

Bolivia: Total announces the start-up of the Itaú gas

February 15, 2011: Total announces the start-up of the Itaú gas and condensate field located on Block XX (Tarija Oeste) 400 kilometres south of the city of Santa Cruz in the Andean Cordilleras foothills.

16 February 2011 , 08:12Neftegaz.RU0

Total to Farm out Bolivian Stakes to Gazprom

Total SA has agreed to farm out 20% interests in its Ipati and Aquio licenses in Bolivia to OAO Gazprom, Oil & Gas Journal reports.

13 October 2010 , 00:04Oil&Gas Journal0

Gazprom Cosiders Entry in Petroandina, Bolivia-Venezuela Joint Venture

Russian Gazprom and Bolivian YPFB have discussed the possible entry of the Russian gas giant into Petroandina, an upstream joint venture between YPFB and Venezuelas national oil company PDVSA, Platts reported recently
10 February 2009 , 12:55Ksenia Kochneva0