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Bolivian Energy Nationalization Postponed Due to Oil Firm Move

Jorge Alvarado, president of Yacimientos Petroleos Fiscales Bolivianos, was one of the key figures ...
30 August 2006 , 09:210

Petrobras: Gas Supply from Bolivia is Normal

He made the remarks after Guarani Indians living in Bolivia occupied one of the Transierra gas pipeline stations
23 August 2006 , 09:480

Bolivia's Gas Sector Nationalization In Trouble

The President Evo Morales's government has made only moderate progress
17 August 2006 , 10:410

Bolivia Will Help Argentina Avoid Economic Slowdown

Argentina and Bolivia will sign a deal in September for the construction of a pipeline to increase...
10 August 2006 , 09:300

Bolivia Goes Ahead in Energy Nationalisation

State-run YPFB energy firm was made the nation's exclusive wholesale fuel distributor
04 July 2006 , 14:300

Gazprom Helps Bolivia to Export LNG

Gazprom is looking to build gas separation plants and pipelines to help export liquefied natural gas from Bolivia
09 June 2006 , 13:010

Bolivia Accused Petrobras of Sabotage

"I interpret the attitude assumed by Petrobras as an act of sabotage toward the country, I can't understand in any other way"
01 June 2006 , 10:020

World Oil Firms Eye Business in Bolivia

Some oil and gas firms want to invest in Bolivia's energy sector
19 May 2006 , 13:250

Brazil Suspends Investments In Bolivia

Brazilian state-run energy company Petrobras is suspending future investment in Bolivia
05 May 2006 , 09:500

US Afraid Of Venezuela, Bolivia Hindering Investments in Energy Sector

The United States expressed fears over the possibility that both Venezuela and Bolivia may hinder foreign investments
06 March 2006 , 09:340

Bolivia To Expand Gas Export to Argentina

Bolivia plans to expand natural gas export to Argentina
21 July 2004 , 10:050

Bolivian Gas To Integrate of Latin America's South

Bolivia won the concept of the integration of the South
21 July 2004 , 09:550