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Brent — 55,24 -0,81%
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News // Поиск по тегу 'currency'

Iran and Iraq dump dollar in bilateral trade

Iran and Iraq dumped dollar for rial, dinar and euro in their mutual financial transactions.

03 September 2018 , 10:21Neftegaz.RU0

Russia and Iran hit back at the petrodollar

Russia and Iran have launched an oil-for-goods exchange program seeking to eliminate bilateral payments in U.S. dollars.

23 April 2018 , 17:24Irina SlavNeftegaz.RU0

Russia mulls oil payments in national currencies with Iran and Turkey

Russia is considering an option of payments for oil in national currencies, in particular with Turkey and Iran.

09 April 2018 , 10:24Neftegaz.RU0

Nicolas Maduro: Venezuela is ready to launch the 2nd cryptocurrency, called «Petro Gold»

Nicolas Maduro is ready to launch 2nd Petro token - called Petro Gold.

23 February 2018 , 12:29Neftegaz.RU0

Belarus to pay less than $130 per 1,000m3 of Russian natural gas

The new price Belarus will pay for natural gas will be less than $130 per 1,000m3.

14 April 2017 , 10:12Neftegaz.RU0

G-20 Grinds Toward Currency Accord

Group of 20 leaders endorsed gradual changes in currency values and agreed to develop early-warning indicators to monitor policies that exacerbate trade imbalances and threaten to disrupt the global economy, officials said

12 November 2010 , 08:34Bloomberg0

G20 Currency Tensions

If the G20 wants to soothe currency tensions, finance leaders may have to do more than simply repeat a well-practiced refrain that too much foreign exchange rate volatility is unwelcome

18 October 2010 , 10:17Reuters0

Yen Hits 15-Year High Against Dollar

The Japanese yen hit a new 15-year high against the US dollar today as prime minister Naoto Kan hinted at further currency intervention

07 October 2010 , 19:33Investment Week0

Obama Says, No Need For A Global Reserve Currency

U.S. President Barack Obama denied the proposal of global currency, supported by Russia and China

26 March 2009 , 14:44Ksenia KochnevaRIA Novosti0

Oil Prices Drive Russian Currency A Bit Low

Russian currency fell low due to decrease in oil prices and speculation that investor sentiment will worsen

26 March 2009 , 10:02Ksenia KochnevaBloomberg0

Gold Trade Changed A Bit

Gold traded little changed in Asia as a rally in global equities reduced the appeal of the precious metal as an alternative investment, Bloomberg reported
17 March 2009 , 10:19Ksenia Kochneva0

Kazakhstan Devalued Its Currency By 18%

The Central Bank of Kazakhstan radically widened the trading corridor of the national currency 'tenge', allowing it to drop by almost a fifth from the previous day close
05 February 2009 , 12:01Ksenia Kochneva0

Russia Makes its Currency Convertible

Russia is lifting controls on its national currency of rouble
03 July 2006 , 08:440

Russian Forex, Gold Reserves Decreased

The Central Bank of Russia announces that gold and currency reserves volume has decreased
09 November 2005 , 10:180

Russian Gold Reserves Rose

The Bank of Russia's department for public relations has announced that gold and currency reserves of the country...
10 October 2005 , 10:410

Russian Gold Reserves Down

Russian Central Bank's Public Relations Department announced that Russian gold and currency reserves on July 15 amounted
26 July 2005 , 10:580

Russian Gold, Currency Reserves Up

Russia's Central Bank press service announced that Russian...
01 July 2005 , 09:380

Gold, Currency Reserves Increasing To Slow informs that the annual increase of Russian currency and gold reserves will amount
22 June 2005 , 13:500

Central Bank Announces Record Gold Reserves

The Central Bank of Russia announced that gold or hard currency reserves soared
09 March 2005 , 08:470

Russian Gold, Forex Reserves Down

Russia's gold and foreign currency reserves declined
11 February 2005 , 13:260