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News // Поиск по тегу 'gas exports'

Gazprom's European gas sales remain low on warm weather

Russian gas supplies to Europe and Turkey so far in 2019 are 8.2% lower year on year.

20 March 2019 , 14:06Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom gas exports to SEE edge up 1.2% in volume in 2018

Gazprom increased its gas exports to Southeast Europe (SEE) by 1.2% to 12.482 billion m3 in 2018.

25 February 2019 , 10:21Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom’s gas exports to Hungary in 2018 exceed last year’s total

A working meeting between Alexey Miller and Norbert Konkoly took place in St. Petersburg.

03 December 2018 , 10:21Neftegaz.RU0

Sonatrach: Algeria to sustain robust gas exports to Europe

Algeria will sustain robust gas exports to Europe – currently at multi-year highs.

31 October 2018 , 12:07Neftegaz.RU0

Kazakhstan to double natural gas exports to China to 10 Bcm/year in 2019

KazTransGaz and PetroChina International inked a 5-year contract to double Kazakh natural gas exports.

16 October 2018 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom's H1 2018 natural gas exports to Europe, Turkey at record 100.6 Bcm

Gazprom's exports of natural gas to Europe and Turkey in the 1st half of the year.

16 August 2018 , 16:06Neftegaz.RU0

Alexey Miller and Serbian Ambassador Slavenko Terzic note reliability of Russian gas supplies

A working meeting between Alexey Miller and Slavenko Terzic took place in St. Petersburg.

16 July 2018 , 13:00Neftegaz.RU0

Iran mulls boosting gas exports to Armenia

An Armenian delegation is scheduled to visit Tehran during next week to discuss pricing of natural gas shipments from Iran.

13 June 2018 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom’s exports to the Far Abroad reached 86 bcm within 5 months of 2018

From January to May, 2018, Gazprom produced 217.3 bcm of gas, which is by 9.5% (18.8 bcm) more than in the same period of 2017.

04 June 2018 , 10:22Neftegaz.RU0

Alexey Miller and Rainer Seele note considerable growth in Russian gas exports to Austria

A working meeting between Alexey Miller and Rainer Seele, took place in Moscow.

16 May 2018 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom continues to ship gas to Europe like it’s winter

Gazprom is currently shipping as much gas to Europe as it typically does in winter months.

27 April 2018 , 16:07Tsvetana ParaskovaNeftegaz.RU0

A.Miller and Austrian Ambassador Johannes Eigner express appreciation for joint efforts in gas sector

A working meeting between Miller and Eigner took place in Moscow.

27 April 2018 , 10:07Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom gas exports to Europe rise 6.3% since start of 2018

Gas production and deliveries of Gazprom continue to grow even after the end of the winter heating season.

18 April 2018 , 10:11Neftegaz.RU0

Cold weather in Europe continues to drive demand for Russian gas

In the 1st half of March 2018, exports to the Far Abroad countries grew by 29.4%.

19 March 2018 , 10:26Neftegaz.RU0

Gas exports to Europe from Russia and Norway climbed to record levels in 2017

Gas exports to Europe from Russia and Norway reached record levels last year.

14 February 2018 , 16:06Neftegaz.RU0

A.Medvedev: Gazprom sees natural gas exports to Europe, Turkey remaining at 190 bcm/year

Gazprom expects its gas exports to Europe and Turkey to remain at around 190 bcm/year in the future.

30 January 2018 , 18:00Stuart ElliottNeftegaz.RU0

Norway achieves record gas sales

Never before has so much gas been sold from the Norwegian shelf as was the case in 2017.

12 January 2018 , 12:06Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom sets record high gas exports to Turkey in 2017

Gazprom increased its gas supplies to Turkey by 18.8 %.

19 December 2017 , 16:11Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom's natural gas exports to Europe, Turkey move past 2016 levels to fresh record

Gazprom is set to exceed the level of exports to Europe and Turkey.

11 December 2017 , 10:29Neftegaz.RU0

Russia: Key energy project creates hot competition in the Arctic

In a move that many said would never happen, the biggest independent natural gas producer in Russia launched its much-hyped Yamal LNG project.

11 December 2017 , 00:04StratforNeftegaz.RU0