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BP Eyes Iraqi Oil Agter 5 Years of Invasion

British oil and gas giant BP holds talks with Iraqi oil ministers in order to reenter the one of the biggest oil markets in the world
05 February 2008 , 09:210

Iraqi Kirkuk Oil Supply Suspended

Iraq has suspended crude oil exports from its northern oil fields
24 January 2008 , 13:390

Iraq Signed Oil Contracts of $600

The ten contracts listed by the ministry covered work to upgrade Baghdad and Basra refineries
15 January 2008 , 11:140

Iraq to Create a Refining JV with Canada

Northern Iraqi regional government is negotiating with two Canadian firms on a joint venture to construct an oil refinery and continue work
14 January 2008 , 10:010

Iraq Threatened To Cut Oil Exports to Korea

Iraq threatened South Korea to suspend crude oil exports if a South Korean consortium continues to explore...
24 December 2007 , 09:350

Iraqi Shiites Prevent the Kurds From Working On Foreign Oil Contracts

The autonomous Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq has signed 15 exploration and export contracts with 20 international companies
06 December 2007 , 09:120

UK Firm to Explore and Produce Oil In Kurdistan

U.K. listed independent oil company Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltd.
16 November 2007 , 14:270

Iraqi Crude Output and Export Hit New Record

The daily crude production and export of Iraq in October in Iraq hit new high in three years with about 2.70 million barrels
07 November 2007 , 12:110

Iraqi To Provide Jordan With Oil

Iraqi Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Khalid Shraideh
24 August 2007 , 10:040

Iraq Resumes Oil Exports Through Turkey

Iraq is preparing to resume oil exports through Turkey in a few weeks through a new pipeline
22 August 2007 , 13:090

Iraq: No Special Treatment for Russia

Iraq's oil minister said yesterday that Russian companies would get no special treatment
10 August 2007 , 15:520

UK: Iraq Uses Saddam Laws Against Oil Workers

The Trades Union Congress formally protested over an internal Oil Ministry memo which urges managers to use Saddam's law banning public sector unions
08 August 2007 , 10:250

Russia Writes Off Iraqi Debt

Russia expects to sign an agreement on writing off most of Iraq's $10 billion debt by the end of this year
07 August 2007 , 12:120

UN: Iraq's Oil Production and Sale System Need Proper Control

The audit raised lingering concerns about the management of contracts of US agencies in Iraq
15 June 2007 , 11:420

Iraq To Pass New Oil Law

Iraq's new oil law should be passed in the next two months
25 May 2007 , 10:150

Multinational Companies Can Take Control of Iraqi Gas

A lobby group, working on behalf of BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Total and ENI, has been advised by the U.K. government on strategies for influencing the Iraqi government
16 May 2007 , 12:130

Iraq Pumped 620 thou barrels from Kirkuk

Iraq pumped 620,000 barrels from its Kirkuk oil fields to the Turkish port of Ceyhan Monday and Tuesday
11 May 2007 , 14:020

Iraq: Oil Resources Draft Law Almost Ready

Iraq's oil minister declared on Wednesday that a long-awaited draft law governing development
03 May 2007 , 09:590

Iraq To Become World's #1 For its Oil Reserves: Discovery

If these reserves were exploited, it said, Iraq could overtake Saudi Arabia
19 April 2007 , 09:120

Iraqi PM Thankes Japan for Help

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Monday thanked Japan for its assistance to Baghdad
09 April 2007 , 15:020