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Russia's stock markets resume trading

The situation is nervous, but the perspectives are not that bad
19 September 2008 , 10:52Ksenia Kochneva0

Russia - authoritarian at home and aggressive abroad

American officials critisize Russia and say they are ready for actions
19 September 2008 , 10:05Ksenia Kochneva0

Russia staking a claim to the Arctic

President Dmitry Medvedev said Wednesday that Russia nust draw the external border in the continental shelf as a responsibility to future generations
18 September 2008 , 09:58Ksenia Kochneva0

Iran denies talks on Russian membership in OPEC

"Russia participated in the OPEC conference as an observer, and there was no specific consultation between Iran and Russia about OPEC membership", Iranian Oil Ministry official said.
18 September 2008 , 08:50Ksenia Kochneva0

EU looks for independence from Russian energy sources

EU activated search for energy resources and ways of their transportation omitting Russia
17 September 2008 , 11:49Ksenia Kochneva0

Turkey Gas Line Commissioned

Turkey gas pipeline, the Blue Stream, was inaugurated today
16 September 2008 , 13:56Jo Amey0

Russia wants to work more closely with the OPEC

Sechin considers OPEC Russia's key partner on the global oil market
10 September 2008 , 15:560

Chubais warns about the energy crisis

In the opinion of the former chairman of the board of directors of the Unified Energy System of Russia, it will happen in 2010
10 September 2008 , 14:490

Russia's Oil Production Down, Gas Production Up

Russia produced 325.154 million tonnes of oil with gas condensate
02 September 2008 , 12:290

Russia In Top Ten U.S. Creditors

With the private sector taken into account, the U.S. foreign debt totaled $13.77 trillion as of early April
02 September 2008 , 11:050

Rumours about Russia's Cutting Oil Through Druzhba Pipeline is Wrong

The rumors of Russia's intention to cut oil supplies to Europe via the Druzhba oil pipeline that have been spread by certain media sources...
01 September 2008 , 11:210

8 Alaskan Oil-rich Islands Given to the Russians

The maritime boundary puts eight American islands and their economic zones on the Russian side
29 August 2008 , 14:340

EU: Russia Should Fasten Efforts

The European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, urged Tuesday Russia to continue its bid to join the World Trade Organization
27 August 2008 , 15:440

Russia To Have Record Oil, Gas Revenues This Year

Russia will have the peak of oil and gas revenues this year
21 August 2008 , 15:560

Norilsk Nickel Owners In Disagreement

Russian aluminium giant RUSAL on Thursday demanded the re-election of the board of Russian miner Norilsk Nickel
15 August 2008 , 09:510

Russia Still Hopes to Negotiate With Iran

Russia, the United States, China, Great Britain, France and Germany consider all options still open to agree upon a strategy
07 August 2008 , 13:450

Russia's Export Surplus Soared

Russia's exports in the first half of the year stood at $234.867 billion, an increase of 52 percent
07 August 2008 , 13:320

Russian Gold Reserves Surged

The Central Bank of Russia said Thursday that Russia's gold and foreign currency reserves...
07 August 2008 , 10:020

Onexim Group Bought 16.66% Norilck Nickel Stake

The transaction is to be closed before November 15, 2008
06 August 2008 , 11:030

TNK-BP CFO Resigned Due to Conflict

Owen feels it is difficult for him to continue working independently, as his role demands
04 August 2008 , 14:490