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Gazprom, Siemens Closing Partnership Contract

World's oil giant Gazprom and another titan Siemens have signed papers on strategic partnership assuming the way for their wider cooperation in the oil and gas industry inside Russia and in other countries
04 April 2008 , 14:290

Greece Negotiating Connection To New Gazprom Pipeline

Greece yesterday negotiated on joining OAO Gazprom's South Stream pipeline project as Russia's largest energy company lines up partners for its newest export route to Europe. Chief Executive Officer substitute Alexander Medvedev talked over this question with Development Minister Christos Folias in Athens
04 April 2008 , 10:160

Steel And Oil Companies Control Market Leaders

The leading stocks will point out 15 companies that will carry the market's upward momentum in the first few weeks of a rally
04 April 2008 , 08:290

TNK-BP Replaces 179% Of Production With New Reserves

TNK-BP today released the results of the independent audit of its reserves as at the end of 2007. This represents the fifth annual external audit of the company's reserves since its creation in August 2003
03 April 2008 , 08:000

Moldova Won't Get Away From Russia Hiking Gas Prices

Chairman of the Executive Board of the Russian-Moldovan joint venture Moldovagaz Gennady Abashkin announced today, that the price of Russian natural gas for Moldova has jumped...
02 April 2008 , 11:070

Signing Russia-Egypt Nuclear Agreement

President Hosni Mubarak and President Vladimir Putin reached a nuclear agreement during a meeting in Moscow
31 March 2008 , 10:470

148 British BP Employees Recalled From Russia

The official sources refer to work visa problems
28 March 2008 , 14:330

Russia Writes Off Major Part Of Iraq's Debt

Russia signed an agreement with Iraq to write off the lion's share of 13 billion dollarsIraq owed to them in debt
12 February 2008 , 11:480

Ukraine to Hike Russian Gas Transfer

By the way, the Ukraine's planned transfer fee hike amounts to $7-9 per 1,000 cubic meters per 100 kilometers, what is five times more...
31 January 2008 , 09:210

Presidential Candidate Mikhail Kasyanov Forced to Cancel the Registration

Kasyanov, also going to file suit, said he was certain that the Russian president had decided against his registration
28 January 2008 , 14:000

Yukos' Boss Khodorkovsky May Spend All His Life In Prison

According to the results of the second criminal procedure, Mr Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev were accused of laundering of...
17 January 2008 , 09:350

Russia's Tatneft to Increase Oil Reserves

With proven oil reserves of 3.6 billion barrels, Tatneft accounts for over 80% ...
27 December 2007 , 11:210

Russia Approved Associated Gas Using Program

However, the meeting did not discuss the issue on the period of implementation of the program
25 December 2007 , 09:520

Kazakhstan, Russia to Construct Capsian Gas Pipeline

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, and head of State Agency for Hydrocarbon resources Baimurat Muradov
21 December 2007 , 11:320

Russian Gas Supply: New Ukraine Leader Reconsiders Old Issue

Timoshenko pledged to liquidate Russian-Ukrainian joint company Rosukrenergo
20 December 2007 , 11:020

Gazpom Found Another Gas Export Consumer

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom and South Korean gas corporation Kogas are in talks on possible supplies...
14 December 2007 , 10:130

Gazprom to Pay For Turkmen Gas 50 % More

that could result in higher prices for Ukraine, and, consequently, in tough talks between Russia and Ukraine
29 November 2007 , 08:350

Russia To Supply China With Gus Through Kazakhstan

Russian is likely to deliver oil to China via Kazakhstan
26 November 2007 , 11:420

Norway's StatoilHydro Hopes to Work With Russia in Arctic

The Norwegian oil giant, StatoilHydro, has begun a two-year drilling programme in Arctic
26 November 2007 , 08:320

Russia Delivered Less Crude to China, But Promises to be Better Before the Year-End

Russia plans to ship some 10.5 million tonnes of crude in 2007
14 November 2007 , 15:120