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Ukraine Needs Thunder to Cross Itself and Wonder

The Kerch Strait, a Ukraine-controlled waterway is used by Russian ships
13 November 2007 , 11:210

Russia Oil Freighter Sank, Three Dead, Oil Spilled

According to the environmental officials, the damage from an oil tanker spill could be the worst environmental disaster in the region in years
12 November 2007 , 09:110

Shell Eyes Russian Northern Siberian Gas Field

Dutch oil giant Shell wants to participate in the exploitation of a Russian large gas field in northern Siberia
07 November 2007 , 11:550

Russia's Stabilization Fund Increased

In October, the fund received RUR149.46bn from the federal budget's surplus revenue
02 November 2007 , 11:190

Russia Has Low Competitiveness in Europe

The country's low position is mainly due to "weaknesses in its institutional environment and business standard"
01 November 2007 , 11:170

Russia's Foreign Debt Dectreased 9%

Russia's foreign debt, including debt inherited from the Soviet Union
30 October 2007 , 11:510

US Move On Iran Sent Prices to All-Time Record

The US's attempt to impose sanctions on Iran met
29 October 2007 , 09:100

Russia Increases Oil Output

Russia's oil output will increase 2.6% year-on-year to 492 million metric tons in 2007
24 October 2007 , 08:520

Russian Budget 2007 Surplus Adjusted Down

Kudrin attributed some surplus reduction to the costs incurred because of development institutions' capitalization
23 October 2007 , 14:310

Russia Completes WTO Accession Soon

"We're in the middle of the tunnel at the end of which light is already visible"
23 October 2007 , 11:080

Kazakhstan Got "Negative" Credit Rating

Standard & Poor's rating agency lowered Kazakhstan's credit rating from "stable" to "negative"
04 October 2007 , 15:550

LUKoil, Gazprom to Develop New Deposits Jointly

LUKoil and Gazprom Neft, gas giant Gazprom's oil division, signed an agreement in May to form a JV...
04 October 2007 , 12:430

Russia to Liberalize Associated Gas Price Market

Russia may ease restrictions on prices for associated natural gas
08 August 2007 , 11:080

Russia Pays Off its Foreign Debt

Rusisa will spend at least $16.3 billion between April 1, 2007 and April 1, 2008...
07 August 2007 , 12:490

Russia Writes Off Iraqi Debt

Russia expects to sign an agreement on writing off most of Iraq's $10 billion debt by the end of this year
07 August 2007 , 12:120

Russia Postpones its Threat to Cut Gas Supply to Belarus

The promised cut in gas supplies by Russian gas concern Gazprom to Belarus has been postponed
03 August 2007 , 13:330

Lithuania Doesn't Blow the Fire: Russia and Belarus

Lithuania said it was not afraid that Russia's reduction of gas supplies
02 August 2007 , 10:240

Russia Export Duties to Increase

The export duty on oil in Russia is to increase from $200.6 to $223.9 per tonne from August 1
01 August 2007 , 13:020

Gazprom Acquires Controlling Stake in Siberian Firm

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom has finalized a deal to acquire a controlling stake in Kuznetsk Geological Company
01 August 2007 , 08:180

Iran Nuclear Plant Construction Delayed

The construction of Iran's first atomic power plant in Bushehr would not be finished before autumn 2008
25 July 2007 , 13:520