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Russian President: We Won't Compete with Iraq

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that he does not reject
13 February 2007 , 11:120

Bulgaria, Greece, Russia Construct Oil Pipeline

Bulgaria, Greece and Russia signed an agreement on Wednesday for the construction of a long-awaited oil pipeline
08 February 2007 , 13:030

Belarus To Raise Transit Fees For Russian Oil

Belarus will raise transit fees for Russian oil by around 30 percent this month
07 February 2007 , 15:000

Ukraine Wants to Merge Russian Gas Assets With its Own

Ukraine's president Viktor Yushchenko called for a careful approach to proposals to merge Russian and Ukrainian gas...
05 February 2007 , 14:360

Ukraine Claims Money From Russia

Ukraine wants Russia to pay with natural gas to pump fuel to Europe through the country
31 January 2007 , 14:120

Russia, Norway Prepare to Partnership in Arctic Region

The 5th Russian-Norwegian Oil and Gas Conference was opened in Kirkenes Tuesday by the Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Odd Roger Enoksen
31 January 2007 , 13:080

Russneft Oil Company Under Investigation

Russian private oil company Russneft is being scrutinised by the Russian Interior Ministry
30 January 2007 , 12:340

Belarus President Swore to Find Other Oil Source

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko criticized Russia for a series of energy deals that have sharply raised prices and cut revenues for Belarus
24 January 2007 , 11:410

Natural Resources Ministry to Press Russia's BP JV

Russia has stepped up pressure on TNK-BP, as the natural resources ministry said it was launching checks
19 January 2007 , 14:570

Gazprom, Dresdner Bank Create Carbon Trading JV

Russia's Gazprom will launch a carbon trading venture on Tuesday
16 January 2007 , 10:470

Russia To Buy Oil on Burse

Russian state agencies are to buy 1 million metric tons of oil at exchanges in 2007 after oil products start being traded in April
15 January 2007 , 10:450

Russians Resumed Oil Supply to Poland

Russian oil to Poland as the price dispute between Moscow and Belarus appeared to be nearing an end
11 January 2007 , 10:080

Belarus Tapped Russian Fuel As Ukraine Did Last Year

Belarus is siphoning off Russian oil designated for Europe from the Druzhba pipeline going through Belarus
09 January 2007 , 09:280

Europe Will Run Out Of Gas: Belarus

"We are interdependent", Belarus Deputy Prime Minister said
29 December 2006 , 10:390

The EU Called On Russia and Belarus Solve Their Gas Problem

The EU Commissioner for Energy Andris Piebalgs called on Russia and Belarus to solve the problem
29 December 2006 , 09:160

Turkey Helps Georgia Reduce its Energy Dependence from Russia

Turkey has agreed to give up some of its stake of a giant Caspian gas field to Georgia
25 December 2006 , 09:050

Russia Backed Gazprom's Policy

Russia's government underlined its support for gas export monopoly Gazprom's policy
20 December 2006 , 13:360

Russia, Belarus Reach No Consent On Gas Supply

Russia and Belarus still can't reach an agreement over a dispute about the cost of the Russian gas
19 December 2006 , 09:140

Japan Called On Russia Keep On Gas Delivery Shedule

Japan has called on Russia to prove its "credibility" by keeping on schedule deliveries
12 December 2006 , 11:230

Russia Gives Domestic Oil Firms Equal Access

Russia will give domestic oil companies equal access to export pipelines
07 December 2006 , 13:410