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Russia May Cut Oil Output From 2025

Russia may start cutting its annual oil exports by 1% a year from 2025
07 December 2006 , 09:520

Russia's Oil&Gas Production Rose 2.3%

In November Russia produced 39.921 million tonnes of oil and condensate
05 December 2006 , 11:030

Azerbaijan: Russia Increases Gas Price Hindering our Project with Turkey

Azerbaijan has offered state-owned Turkish Pipeline Company to postpone the project for one year
20 November 2006 , 09:540

Russiaт Environmentalists Examnie Gazprom Work

Russia's environmental watchdog continues to check up the compliance of the Gazprom's subsidiaries
15 November 2006 , 13:250

Russia: Sino-Russia Relationship to Increase

Despite competition in energy industries between the two countries, Russia will keep its promise to pipe crude oil and natural gas
07 November 2006 , 13:090

Gazprom Doubles Gas Price for Georgia Due to Political Frictions

Russian gas giant Gazprom said it would double prices for Georgia in 2007
03 November 2006 , 09:340

Ukraine's President and Prime Minister Quarrel Over Russian Gas

Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko blasted Wednesday Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych's
02 November 2006 , 13:010

Ukraine Will Get Gas at a Cheaper Price

Ukraine and Russia is close to renegotiating its controversial gas deal with Russia
25 October 2006 , 09:340

China, Russia To Build Power Plants

China and Russia are planning to spend $10bn on building power plants in north east China
13 October 2006 , 09:230

Russia?s Economy Could Equal That of U.S. or Germany in 10 Years — Finance Minister

Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said on Sunday
25 September 2006 , 16:020

Ukraine to Be Independent from Russia

A pipeline project that would create a new route for Caspian oil to reach Western markets and loosen Ukraine's dependence on Russian energy
11 September 2006 , 14:010

Russia's Gold Makers Kill Each Other

Russia's natural resources watchdog will hold an urgent inspection of a number of coal and gold mining enterprises
11 September 2006 , 11:300

Rosukrenergo Needs to Buy Out Ukrainian Gas Firms Assets

Russian-Ukrainian gas transporting joint venture Rosukrenergo's executive director Konstantin Chuichenko approved the evaluation of assets...
11 September 2006 , 09:530

Russia To Hold Europe Tight: New Pipeline

The pipeline will make Greece a transit hub for Russia nand strengthen its grip on the market
05 September 2006 , 13:580

Russia and South Africa Leaders Strengthen Economical Ties

Russia's president Vladimir Putin is starting a visit to South Africa
05 September 2006 , 09:550

Russia's 2007 Budget Draft 6 pct Higher

Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov signed the budget and submitted it to the lower house of parliament
28 August 2006 , 13:390

Will The US Be Dependent on Russia»

Statistics recently published by the OPEC show that Russia is currently extracting slightly more oil than Saudi Arabia
28 August 2006 , 13:220

ENI Approved Russia-Ukraine Agreement

"It is good news for both Italy and Europe..."
25 August 2006 , 09:020

Russia to Enter Italian Market, Italy to Build LNG PLant in Russia

Russian state gas monopoly Gazprom and Italian energy giant ENI are in talks to build a $2.5 billion...
11 August 2006 , 11:010

Russia to Pass Law on Equal Export Duites on Crude and Oil Products

Now the bureaucrats hope to collect more money to the budget
01 August 2006 , 09:410