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European Bank for Reconstruction Doubles Investments in Russia, Diverting Money From East Europe

"Our main priority is the infrastructure," said Lemierre
16 May 2006 , 12:380

Russia Pledges To Suspend Iran Nuclear Proglam

Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said the change came about after the meetings...
11 May 2006 , 09:450

Russia Won't Let Them Go

Russian government is considering canceling economic benefits for Georgia and Ukraine
10 May 2006 , 13:060

Russia To Support European Resolution On Iran

Russia and China, which are close trading partners of Tehran and have veto powers by virtue of being permanent members...
04 May 2006 , 12:150

Russian Companies' IPO to be Established This Year

The prime task of the new institution will be cutting down the dates for launching the stocks
26 April 2006 , 09:500

Russia's Pipeline Giant On Advantages of Controversial Project

Veinschtok has repeatedly said that the pipeline would help diversify Russian oil flows and cut discounts
24 April 2006 , 12:070

Europe Wasted Billions In Vain

The European Union has wasted billions of euros as part of its assistance program to Russia
21 April 2006 , 10:420

Russia To Invest In High Tech Businesses

The Russian government plans to put up $500 million into a venture capital fund
20 April 2006 , 10:410

World Bank Suggests Russia to Invest Abroad

The fund could eventually act as a safety net for the government's efforts to shift the economy away from dependence
19 April 2006 , 10:200

Russia Against Sanctions On Iran

The Russian Foreign Ministry is against imposing sanctions on Iran
19 April 2006 , 10:010

Russia Joins WTO In a Year

Russia may become a member of the World Trade Organization
18 April 2006 , 11:160

Russia To Simplify Access for Foreign Investments

Russia will make it easier for foreigners to buy small amounts of stock in banks
14 April 2006 , 09:520

West Has Doubts About Russia's Ability To Meet Global Oil Demand

Oil supplies from Russia will come short of expectations over the next four years
13 April 2006 , 09:450

Russia Increased its Budget

The Russian federal budget had a surplus of tentatively 570.4 billion rubles
13 April 2006 , 08:570

Russia Delays WTO Joining

Russia may delay joining the World Trade Organization if it has to make too many difficult concessions
12 April 2006 , 10:050

Russia Establishes Common Economic Space with Two Neighbours

Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are ready to sign the preliminary contract to establish
11 April 2006 , 10:020

Russia Withdraw From JV with Ukraine

Russia is going to withdraw from its joint project with Ukraine
10 April 2006 , 10:250

Gazprom To Monopolize Energy Market in Armenia

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom is to take control of Armenian pipelines and a power station
10 April 2006 , 09:320

Russia Increases Gas Export Price for its Ally

Russia's gaz monopoly Gazprom said Belarus must pay three times more for its gas supplies next year
05 April 2006 , 11:140

Yukos: $3 bn Stolen

The news appears to nudge the former Russia's largest oil producer
24 March 2006 , 11:100