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Russia Resumed Gas Supply To Georgia and Armenia

Russia resumed gas supplies to Georgia and Armenia on Sunday
30 January 2006 , 10:130

China, Iran Supported Russia On Nuclear Proposal

China and Iran expressed support on Thursday for a Russian proposal
27 January 2006 , 12:010

Russia To Join WTO This Year

Russia is counting on joining the World Trade Organization by the end of 2006
26 January 2006 , 11:120

Russia Became Richer And Lost Its Freedom: Putin Aide

that Russia has become economically and politically unfree
24 January 2006 , 14:290

Russia To Establish Metal Monopoly

Russia plans to create a state-controlled holding company to consolidate and exercise control over
23 January 2006 , 09:550

Gas Price For Ukraine Will Match With Market Prices

Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller as saying late Sunday, that the gas price for Ukraine will fluctuate
16 January 2006 , 09:570

China, Russia Close In

Trade volume between China and Russia reached $29.1 billion in 2005, an on-year surge of 37.1 percent
13 January 2006 , 10:580

Russia Ready To Pay Debt Sooner

The Russian and German finance ministers have discussed the possibility of Russia repaying its debt ahead of schedule
13 January 2006 , 09:570

Russia's Oil Output Rose

It was produced 40.186 million tons of crude oil only in December
11 January 2006 , 13:010

Russia, Ukraine Cant Stop Quarreling

Russia and Ukraine have signed a deal on gas supplies just for the next six months
10 January 2006 , 10:310

IEA Against German-Russian Gas Pipeline

The Northern Pipeline will make Germany even more dependent on Russia in terms of gas supplies
30 December 2005 , 12:570

Russia, OPEC To Enhance Energy Dialogue

Russia and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries pledged on Monday
27 December 2005 , 12:140

Gazprom Liberalization Decree Signed

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a Gazprom liberalization decree on Friday
26 December 2005 , 12:540

Russia Honor All Obligations Of Gas Supplies

I am sure that the good tradition of Gazprom and Russia fulfilling their obligations to European consumers
23 December 2005 , 14:370

Russia Won't Concede

Relations between Russia and Ukraine are facing a potentially major rupture
23 December 2005 , 14:120

Russia To Be World Energy Leader

Russian President Vladimir Putin boasts that Russia should become a world energy leader
23 December 2005 , 11:140

Russian Energy Consumption Is 50% Larger

Energy consumption forecasts of the energy strategy were wrong
22 December 2005 , 09:390

No Harm To Europe: Russia

Russia will ensure gas supplies to European customers despite an unsettled dispute
21 December 2005 , 14:590

Russia, Ukraine Can't Solve Problem At The Summit

Russia is a key gas supplier to Ukraine and most of its gas exports to Europe pass
20 December 2005 , 13:530

Natural Gas Won't Be A Sticking Point

Ukraine's dispute with Russia over prices for natural gas will not damage relations
19 December 2005 , 15:110