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Russian Government To Lift Limits For Foreigners To Buy Gazprom Shares

Russian parliament said that it is ready to provide a clear timeframe to remove limits
17 November 2005 , 09:580

Russia Doubles Its Gold Reserves

Russia's gold reserves may be doubled, Russia's Head of External Reserves Management Maria Guegina said
16 November 2005 , 09:540

Russia To Collaborate With APEC In Innovative Technologies

Energy security and cooperation in the innovative technologies sector will be priority areas for Russia's collaboration with APEC
15 November 2005 , 09:340

Norway, Russia Resolving 30 Years Old Problem

Disagreement between Moscow and Oslo about how to demarcate the border stretching into the Arctic Sea
14 November 2005 , 09:160

New Siberia-Pacific Pipeline Construction Plan Is Ready

Russia's energy ministry on Thursday published a timetable for construction
14 November 2005 , 08:310

Russia To Extend Cooperation With Norway

Russia predicted closer cooperation with neighboring Norway on developing oil and gas resources
11 November 2005 , 09:520

Chinese-Russian Pipeline Construction Goes Ahead

The construction of a cross-border crude oil pipeline will go ahead
08 November 2005 , 12:530

High Oil Prices Help Russian Economy's Growth

Russia last month added $4.7 billion to its fund
08 November 2005 , 09:550

Russian Energy Sector Needs Good Investments

The Russian Federation Council international affairs comittee head Mikhail Margelov said that to enhance steady economic growth for Russia...
03 November 2005 , 09:060

Russia To Increase Significantly Oil, Gas Output, Export

He added that the regions could increase production 15 times
01 November 2005 , 11:090

Russian Gold Production Decreased

Gold mining in the country decreased by 6%
28 October 2005 , 13:360

Russian Oil Output Rising Steadily

Russian oil output resumed steady growth, reaching 9.53 million barrels per day
28 October 2005 , 13:310

Russia Heads Corrupt UN Oil-for-food Programme List

The report details how the corrupt companies were able to evade UN controls
28 October 2005 , 13:010

Russia To Boost Oil Output

Russian oil output could peak at more than 510 million tons annually in 2010
26 October 2005 , 14:120

Russia To Export Better Oil Blend On Higher Price

Russia may increase the price of its export crude oil with a new higher quality blend
21 October 2005 , 11:510

Russian Govt Raised Urals Crude Price

All revenues received from oil exports above the cutoff price will be used for...
17 October 2005 , 09:580

Turkmen Leader Destroyed Ukraine's Dreams On Russian Gas

Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov made a decisive step in the Russian-Ukrainian-Turkmen relations...
14 October 2005 , 14:450

Russia's Oil Majors Not to Raise Petroleum Prices

Russia's leading oil companies have agreed to freeze pump and oil product prices until the end of 2005 after meeting
22 September 2005 , 12:430

Russian Govt To Give Tax Breaks To Oil Firms

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday, that the government would give oil companies the tax breaks
22 September 2005 , 11:210

Russia Opens Barents Sea Development Tenders

Russia will open tenders on the development of oil and gas shelf deposits in the northern Barents Sea in the second half of 2006
16 September 2005 , 11:090