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Ukraine Unsatisfied With Russia Again

Ukraine's Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko accused Russia of suspending oil deliveries
16 May 2005 , 09:060

Russian Intelligence Service Warns

At least $5m has been prepared for the opposition groups in Belarus for 2005
13 May 2005 , 09:020

Russia, Europe Combine Forces

Russian President Vladimir Putin and top European Union leaders pledged to join efforts to improve...
11 May 2005 , 13:000

Nortgaz At Law Wit Russia's Ministries

Russian independent gas producer Nortgaz has filed a suit against Russian Finance Ministry
06 May 2005 , 09:530

Russia Eyes Stake Increasing In Gazprom

The Russian government may increase its stake in natural gas monopoly Gazprom
03 May 2005 , 08:030

Gold Miner Vasilyevsky Pit Reveals Its Resources

The company has already started developing some of its deposits,
27 April 2005 , 15:210

Inspiriting Statement Of Russian President

He also said he would back business organizations claiming...
26 April 2005 , 09:350

Putin Afraid Of Dimissal

Putin said that certain oligarchs might want to replace the Russian president
25 April 2005 , 08:490

BP Chief Meeting With Russian President

Russian President Vladimir Putin and BP Chief Executive Lord Browne are going to meet on Friday
22 April 2005 , 13:000

Russian Gold Mining Decreased, But Only For A While

In the first quarter of 2005 Russia decreased its gold production by 10.65% as compared to the same period
21 April 2005 , 13:000

Russia Hopes To Live In Friendship With US

Russia's president Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday he reckons upon the development of Russian-U.S. relations
21 April 2005 , 09:330

Russian Companies In SA Need More Banks

Russian banks plan to open offices in South Africa
20 April 2005 , 13:340

Inflation In Russia Gains Momentum

Mikhail Delyagin, the head of the Institute of Modernization, said inflation in Russia may exceed 12 percent in 2005
20 April 2005 , 13:210

BP Chief To Bring Russian President To Books

The chief executive of UK oil major BP Lord John Browne is going to visit Russia next week
18 April 2005 , 08:460

Canadian Barrick Eyes Russian Gold

Extracting gold in Russia should cost less than $200 an ounce...
15 April 2005 , 13:380

Russia To Create New Golbal Mining Giant

Former chief of Anglo-Australian mining concern BHP Billiton Brian Gilbertson yesterday made a forecast
15 April 2005 , 08:290

Russian New State Firm To Offset US Hegemony

The merge between Russia's state companies Gazprom and Rosneft will create a huge global company
12 April 2005 , 08:070

High Oil Prices Won't Save Russia

Russia's economy will not benefit from high oil prices which will spur inflation
08 April 2005 , 14:000

Mutli-million Bulgaria-Greece Pipeline Be Built

It will allow Russia to export oil through the Black Sea
08 April 2005 , 10:090

Russia Will Disappear»

President Vladimir Putin's chief of administration Dmitri Medvedev said that Russia could break up into several different countries
05 April 2005 , 09:310