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Russia Abolishes Gas Prices Regulation

President Vladimir Putin has asked Prime Minister and Industry Minister to prepare the drafts of government decrees
04 April 2005 , 10:150

Russia Raises Oil Revenue Level

The Russian government had raised the level above which revenues from oil exports
04 April 2005 , 09:000

Russian Politician Killed

A member of the Russian political council of the Union of the Right Forces was killed on Tuesday night
31 March 2005 , 10:400

Russia Will Chase Tax Evaders Anyway

President Putin's adviser said yesterday at an annual investment conference of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
30 March 2005 , 11:050

World Bank: Russia Has Done Enough To Enter

Russia's entry to the World Trade Organization will boost the country's economic growth
29 March 2005 , 09:000

Russia Secures Budget By Storing Oil Revenue

The stabilization fund, set up to store oil revenue to protect the budget in case oil prices drop
28 March 2005 , 09:590

Putin Helps Russian Business Community

Thursday informed business chiefs there will be no more reviews of the privatizations
25 March 2005 , 08:490

Russian New Resources Law Leads To Unsatisfied Needs

Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region, Russia, stated that the new law on the country's natural resources might lead to the situation...
23 March 2005 , 09:390

Russia Close To Investment Crisis»

Over the first two months of 2005 the growth of investments into Russian economy amounted to less than..
22 March 2005 , 10:450

Russian Government Approved Fields To Auction

It is planned three months after the adoption to put up for auction several areas..
22 March 2005 , 08:530

Russia Demands Discount

Russia deserved a discount for early repayment of its debt to the Paris Club of creditors
22 March 2005 , 08:030

Russian Government Limit Access For Foreigners

Duma, the Russian parliament, approved on Thursday a bill on subsoil natural resources
18 March 2005 , 09:540

Pussia Follows OPEC

Russia is preparing a suggestion on how to stabilize global oil prices: Oil & Gas Union chief
18 March 2005 , 08:010

Russian Govt Increased Export Oil Price 21 Percent

Earlier it was forecast that the price of Urals oil would be around $28 a barrel
17 March 2005 , 09:220

Venezuela Buys Russian Military Helicopters

Venezuela and Russia signed an agreement on Thursday
11 March 2005 , 09:380

Russia Pays Off Its Foregn Debt

The Russian Finance Ministry said that the state pays off $2.33 billion in foreign debts
28 February 2005 , 11:200

Latvia Acted Foully Against Russia

Latvia did not make a single attempt to detain Berezovsky
28 February 2005 , 08:080

Bush And Putin: Friends Forever»

President of the US George Bush and President of Russia Vladimir Putin met in Bratislava yesterday
25 February 2005 , 09:270

Russia Settles Debt To Macedonia By Building A Pipeline

Russian and Macedonian governments signed an agreement under which $15 million of the Russia's debt
24 February 2005 , 11:570

Russia To Become IMF Creditor

Russia is set to become a creditor within the International Monetary Fund during the next two months
22 February 2005 , 13:040