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Foreign Companies To Be Allowed to Buy Russian Deposits

The subsidiaries of foreign companies, registered in Russia, will be allowed to take part in open auctions
21 February 2005 , 11:030

Govt Bidding Ban Upset Both Sides

The decision of Russian government to bar foreign companies from participating in auctions for big mineral assets, have seriously upset ..
18 February 2005 , 09:050

Russian Gold, Oil Will Save The Country

Tighter control would help Russia tackle widespread poverty in the country
17 February 2005 , 09:560

Russia Welcomes Foreign Oil Firms: Government

Russia's natural resources minister Yuri Trutnev said Monday that Russia welcomed foreign companies
15 February 2005 , 10:020

Russia: Nihil Debet!

Russia has paid back all its debts to the International Monetary Fund three years earlier
02 February 2005 , 09:570

Standard & Poors: Russia Is Good For Investments

Russia is now a net creditor rather than a debtor, says S&P
02 February 2005 , 09:100

Russia, Syria To Cooperate In Oil And Gas Development

Russia and Syria are going to sign agreements on the participation of Russian companies in various Syrian oil and gas projects developing
31 January 2005 , 14:000

Russian Politician: Oil Firms Nationalization Necessary

German Gref, is a well-known opponent of nationalization...
12 January 2005 , 08:110

Russian Riches Chase Seems To Be Over

Russian tax authorities have cut back tax claims against the second largest domestic...
11 January 2005 , 11:100

The Tragedy In Russian Government

Andrei Illarionov, economic adviser of Russia's president Vladimir Putin...
29 December 2004 , 08:000

Russian Government Denies All Allegations

State Duma Chairman Boris Gryzlov believes Russia should disregard the statements
23 December 2004 , 09:330

Tax Authoriites Cut The Claim Of Vimpelcom

The tax claim of Russia's the second biggest telecoms company
22 December 2004 , 12:210

Russia Loans $175 Million To Belarus

The Russian government has approved a government loan to Belarus
15 December 2004 , 11:460

Vimpelcom Is Under A Cloud

Investors sold the bonds of Russia's telecoms company VimpelCom on Wednesday
10 December 2004 , 13:080

Russian Government Liked Extorting Money

Russian authorities found a new victim after Yukos
09 December 2004 , 10:350

Russia To Stop Energy Exports»

Igor Bashmakov, Executive Director of the Center for Effective Energy Use said that Russia might stop energy exports
08 December 2004 , 13:200

India To Invest In Russia

India is going to invest $3 billion in Russia's developing oil and gas fields
16 November 2004 , 14:250

How To Spend Lots of Billions: Russia

Russian government now is in difficult situation - the officials are arguing over how to use a mint of money...
15 November 2004 , 11:230

Russian Companies To Supply Norway's Shelf

Norwegian oil and gas major Hydro's supplier project in Northwest Russia began to pay off
01 November 2004 , 13:330

Russian University Invented New Technology

The first result of the tests was creating of 0.01 g of gold
01 November 2004 , 12:010