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Russian Baltic Capacity To Decline, Icluding Yukos Cargoes

Crude oil loadings at Tuapse port will drop to 88,000 barrels a day next month
01 November 2004 , 11:140

Russian To Boost Baltic Oil Loadings

Russia is likely to increase next month northern Baltic port loadings
01 November 2004 , 09:320

Russian Plant Increased Gold Production

Russia's Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals Plant announced that it had increased its gold mining production
01 November 2004 , 09:010

Russia Eager to Be Friends With Venesuela

Russia foretastes expanding its economic ties with Venezuela
28 October 2004 , 08:580

Russian Ministers Behind Bars Soon»

Swedish investors, among which are large investment funds, are ready to bring a suit against Russian Federation
27 October 2004 , 14:040

Russia Gold Mining Output To Decrease»

The Russia's precious metals mining output are likely to decrease
26 October 2004 , 11:470

Russian Export Gas To Rise In Price

Russia is likely to raise its oil product export customs duties
21 October 2004 , 09:300

Russia To Help In Indo-Pak Reconciliation

Moscow was ready to assist in Indo-Pakistani negotiations
09 August 2004 , 08:290

Imminent Conflict Between Russia & Georgia

Russia government is likely to resort to military action in response to a Georgia's threat to attack by fire Russian vessels
05 August 2004 , 10:220

LUKoil State-owned Stake At Auction

ConocoPhillips President and CEO James Mulva has already discussed the possibility of buying..
01 July 2004 , 13:000

Putin Promises Not to Destroy YUKOS, Shares Soared

After Putin's statement YUKOS shares climbed by 36 percent during the trade
18 June 2004 , 08:320

OPEC Request Fell On Deaf Ears

Announcing it would lift oil output, OPEC called on other major oil producers
17 June 2004 , 11:050

IEA Concerned About Europe's Fate

The International Energy Agency warns the Russian economy's high dependency on oil and gas
17 June 2004 , 10:350

YUKOS Writes Letters to Government

YUKOS has addressed the government to lift a freeze on the sale of its assets
16 June 2004 , 09:160

Gazprom Income to Exceed Expectations

The income of Russian gas monopoly Gazprom is likely to surpass..
09 June 2004 , 10:580

Khodorkovsky: The End of Game Is Coming»

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, ex-chief of Russian oil major YUKOS, persuaded a Moscow court to
09 June 2004 , 08:320

Hard Truth About US Oil Reserves

Yesterday evening US oil major ExxonMobil's chairman Lee R. Raymond has made a startling statement
08 June 2004 , 09:350

RAO UES To Create Wholesale Hydro Generating Company

Russian energy monopoly RAO UES plans to create one wholesale generating company on the basis of hydroplants instead of...
08 June 2004 , 07:510

LUKoil To Fall Under The Hammer

The government would discuss its decision next week
01 June 2004 , 09:550

Oil Prices Jump, Russia To Pump

Russia said it will raise its oil export volume if oil prices remain high
31 May 2004 , 08:110