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News // Поиск по тегу 'sakhalin'

LNG year in review: Bulls 10, Bears 0

QUESTION: In which countries are greenfield LNG projects under construction?

Answer: Australia, PNG and… in fact, nowhere else.

05 December 2011 , 15:39Neftegaz.RU0

Gazprom in discussion with Shell over Sakhalin assets swap

Gazprom and Royal Dutch Shell are preparing a joint memorandum on their participation in each others' assets, including Shell's share of oil and gas deposits off Russia's Pacific island of Sakhalin, Gazprom's Deputy Chairman Alexander Medvedev said on Monday

30 November 2010 , 11:45RIA Novosti0

Gazprom Redirects LNG

Gazprom said Tuesday that it was redirecting to Asia liquefied natural gas contracted for the United States from its Sakhalin-2 project on the Pacific coast, after rising U.S. production from shale rocks and an economic slowdown discouraged fuel imports.

20 October 2010 , 14:30The Moscow Times0

Russia's Sakhalin to increase oil, gas output by 2020

Natural gas output in Russia's Sakhalin region will rise 160 percent to 62.93 billion cubic meters by 2020, while annual oil and condensate output will grow 60 percent to 24.8 million tons, the region's natural resources and environmental protection minister said on Tuesday.

13 October 2010 , 14:54RIAN0

No Violations in Rosneft's Sakhalin Project

Russia's Federal Service for the Oversight of Natural Resources (RosPrirodNadzor) has given a clean environmental bill of health to the country's top oil firm Rosneft in the development of offshore oil and gas deposits near the island of Sakhalin

11 October 2010 , 11:10RIA Novosti0

Natural resources watchdog finds no violations in Rosneft Sakhalin project

Russia's Federal Service for the Oversight of Natural Resources (RosPrirodNadzor) has given a clean environmental bill of health to the country's top oil firm Rosneft in the development of offshore oil and gas deposits near the island of Sakhalin, the company said on Thursday.

08 October 2010 , 11:37RIA Novosti0

Sakhalin Yield Rise in 2011

The launch of a new field at ExxonMobil-led Sakhalin-1 will keep the Pacific offshore project’s output roughly flat next year by offsetting a production decline at an older field, the U.S. oil major said Tuesday.

29 September 2010 , 14:23The Moscow Times0

Russian energy minister expects deal with Exxon over Sakhalin-1 budget

 The Russian Energy Ministry expects a deal to be struck soon with Exxon Neftegas on a budget for the Sakhalin-1 oil and gas project, Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko said on Tuesday.

18 August 2010 , 10:44RIA Novosti0

Gazprom Finishes Over 750 Kilometers of the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok Pipeline

 750 kilometers of the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok Pipeline has been laid, welded and covered, Deputy Gazprom Chair Aleksandr Ananenkov said during a meeting in Khabarovsk.

11 August 2010 , 10:48Oil and Gas Eurasia0

Indian Firm Weighs Oil-Field Bid With Rosneft

 India's state-run Oil and Natural Gas Corp. has proposed to Rosneft that the two jointly bid for the strategic Trebs and Titov fields in the Arctic north, Vedomosti reported Tuesday.

11 August 2010 , 10:39The Moscow Times0

Investment budgets for Sakhalin-2 gas project has been cut by 25%

OAO Gazprom has recouped nearly a quarter of its investment -- about $2.2 billion -- in the operator of a liquefied natural gas project in Russia's Far East, business daily Vedomosti reports Tuesday.

27 July 2010 , 08:55Dow Jones Newswires0

Sakhalin island's gas production has jumped by more than 60% comparing to 2009

Oil companies on Russia's Pacific island of Sakhalin in the first six months of this year extracted 12.740 billion cubic meters of gas, or 61% more than in the same drilling period last year.

13 July 2010 , 09:04RIA Novosti0

A boost of 30,000 barrels per day for Sakhalin 1 oil project

Production from Russia's Far East Sakhalin 1 oil project will get a boost of 30,000 barrels per day after the second of three fields included in the project reaches peak next year, a stakeholder said today.

26 May 2010 , 08:05Upstream0

Sakhalin Projects Production at 27.5 mln barrels in Q1

The operators of the Sakhalin I and II oil and gas projects off Russia's Pacific Coast produced 27.5 million barrels of oil in the first quarter

08 April 2009 , 10:35Ksenia KochnevaRIA Novosti0

Sakhalin Energy Sent First LNG Cargo To Japan

Sakhalin Energy sent Russia's first shipment of liquefied natural gas to Japan on Sunday from the Sakhalin-2 project

30 March 2009 , 10:40Ksenia KochnevaReuters0

Gazprom Wants To Invest in Japan

Gazprom chief financial officer said the company considered investing in Japanese power utilities
16 March 2009 , 09:56Ksenia Kochneva0

Russia to Supply Appx. 50 Cargoes of LNG in 2009

Russia will supply about 50 cargoes of liquefied natural gas this year from a new plant on the Pacific island of Sakhalin that will establish it as a major energy supplier to Asian markets
19 February 2009 , 10:23Ksenia Kochneva0

Russia's First LNG Plant Opens This Week

The first LNG plant in Russia to be opened this week belongs to Gazprom and is a hope for Japan which is looking for the ways to advance the countrys energy security
16 February 2009 , 08:48Ksenia Kochneva0

Sakhalin LNG Plant Under Testing

The world's highest-capacity natural gas liquefaction plant is ready for testing
13 June 2007 , 15:110

Gazprom Buys Major Stake in Sakhalin Energy

Previously oil major Shell held a 55% stake in the operator
01 March 2007 , 11:440