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News // Поиск по тегу 'sakhalin'

Sakhalin Operators and Russian Govt Disagree on Gas Transporting Way

Shareholders in the Sakhalin I oil and gas project and regional authorities disagree on the best method of transporting the gas
28 February 2007 , 12:180

Gazprom Buys Sakhalin-2 from Shell

Russia's gas monopoly Gazprom signed a $7.45 billion deal
22 December 2006 , 13:470

Gazprom Obtains 50% Stake in Massive Gas Project

Gazprom officially confirmed its intention to obtain a 50-percent share in Sakhalin-2 yesterday
13 December 2006 , 10:330

Shell Ceded Sakhalin-2 Project to Gazprom

Oil giant Shell has agreed to cede control of the $22 billion Russia's Sakhalin-2 project
11 December 2006 , 13:070

Rosneft, BP to Jointly Develop Sakhalin-4, Sakhalin-5

Rosneft and BP have signed shareholder agreements with regard to the Sakhalin-4 and Sakhalin-5 projects
23 November 2006 , 14:010

Indian Energy Giant Sells its Sahkalin Share

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation has ruled out selling its share of Sakhalin
22 November 2006 , 10:270

Shell Doesn't Despair for Sakhalin

Oil giant Shell is likely to finish talks by the end of the year for Gazprom...
18 October 2006 , 14:410

Sakhalin-2 Development on Turmoil

The Russia's Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project was plunged into further turmoil
09 October 2006 , 09:430

Russia's Environmentalists to Shut Shell's Gas Project

Russian regulators are trying to block a $20bn foreign energy project of Sakhalin
06 September 2006 , 11:130

Russia May Shut Shell's Sakhalin Project

Russian authorities may order the Sakhalin Energy Ltd. international energy consortium to stop pumping oil at Sakhalin-2
04 September 2006 , 13:060

Exxon Operator in Russia to Construct Pipeline to China

Exxon Neftegaz, intends to lay a 500km gas pipeline to China
03 August 2006 , 12:060

Sakhalin-1 Consortium Members on Struggle

However, other participants of the consortium, such as ExxonMobil, believe that...
25 July 2006 , 11:100

Russia's Great Oil&Gas Project to be Audited by the Government

Natural Resources Minister Yuri Trutnev said that Sakhalin Energy
24 July 2006 , 11:110

Shell To Get Loan for Sakhalin-2 Gas Project

Public hearings by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development probably will not delay a positive environmental assessment
12 April 2006 , 11:470

Gazprom To Get Operating License On Sakhalin

It says that Gazprom can make it through Sibneft which is negotiating with TNK-BP
07 December 2005 , 09:460

Shell Country Chairman On Shell Operating In Russia

John Barry did not rule out Shell's participation in other projects in Russia
18 November 2005 , 11:200

Shell Annoys Putin

Shell's recent efforts to increase expenses on the Sakhalin-2 project have recently annoyed Russian President Vladimir Putin
09 November 2005 , 09:130

ExxonMobil Found Extra Oil Reserves In Russian Field

The company had asked the government to boost its Sakhalin-1 license territory
22 September 2005 , 12:140

Sakhalin Energy To Supply LNG To Hiroshima

Sakhalin Energy, the operator of Sakhalin-2 project, had signed a contract with Japanese utility company Hiroshima Gas
01 June 2005 , 10:450

Sakhalin Energy Follows Shell

The pipelines which connect two production platforms will be moved 20 km south
31 March 2005 , 13:100